Buddy Programme




Do you plan to meet your buddy for a coffee or tea? Or would you like to discuss different cultures, talk about university life and get to know new people? Or do you want to meet interesting people from all over the world who speak English, French, German, Korean, Japanese, Spanish and other languages? Join our buddy program and Buddy WeChat Group! ☺


Buddy Program is a cross-cultural communication project under the framework of Association of International Communication (AIC) and Students International Exchanges & Cooperation Association (SIECA), which pairs new international students with current students of NJU, and aims to help international students settle into NJU.


Buddy Program will bridge and facilitate exchanges between the international and Chinese students and thereby providing a platform for cross-border opportunities and joint cooperation. 


You would be invited to join Buddy Program at NJU, in which individual NJU students would pair with you to help you get involved in the new environment. They may help you get familiar with NJU upon your arrival, and may invite you to activities where you could get more communication with domestic students.


Members from AIC and SIECA would contact you at the beginning of the semester, or even before your arrival via email. If you have any questions about the study and life in NJU before or after your coming to China, you could contact your buddy by email. Your buddy will be happy to give your support and help. Wish you a nice friendship with your buddy.


The Buddy Program will always set up a WeChat chatting group, where all the important notices will be released by the buddy. Therefore, it is highly recommended that each exchange student could create your own WeChat account after your coming to China and join the Buddy WeChat Group. The Buddy WeChat Group Number will be announced in the orientation meeting.


Please refer to the Pamphlet of Buddy Program as following:

Pamphlet of Nanjing University Buddy Program. pdf






Various Events:

The welcome party of the semester Buddy Program 

Exploring Nanjing: A Tour to Nanjing Museum"

Exploring Nanjing: A Culinary Tour  —— An International Cuisine DIY Party"

Hot Pot Party