Costs and Fees



1. International Exchange Students must have comprehensive health insurance valid in China for enrollment as a full-time student at NJU. Since many insurance policies purchased outside China require substantial co-payments, have caps or exclude many illnesses, it is therefore urged that all incoming students should purchase a student health insurance when they do registration at NJU. 
Price: 400 Yuan RMB/one semester & 800 Yuan RMB/one academic year.
Please refer to the following document to find the details about Insurance:
2. For students who got Chinese Government Scholarship (CSC Scholarship), Please read the detail information on the website:
Inpatient Medical Insurance.pdf
Other Fees
1. The Nanjing Public Health and Quarantine Bureau’s physical examination and examination certificate require you to pay fees.
2. The Public Security Bureau’s Entrance and Exit Administration department requires fees for visa and residence procedures.
3. To gain access to the school library and the Institute’s resource center requires a deposit of RMB 300 Yuan.
4. To receive a campus card requires a service fee of RMB 20 Yuan.
5. To use the campus’s tennis courts, ping-pong rooms, exercise rooms and indoor swimming pool, students must pay the standard fees for all students.
6. Self-paying students’ meals, medical expenses, school materials, vacation travel expenses and extra-curricular experiments, fieldwork, and field trips, are all up to the student to cover.