Impression of NJU
NJU Impression by Bastian Max WITTIG
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Preparation for the exchange semester at Nanjing University:


After you received the acceptance to spend one or two semesters at Nanjing university you need to apply for a Visa. The documents you need are provided by the University. If you want to live on Campus you could apply for a room at the student accommodations for international students. If you have got any questions regarding your stay at Nanjing University you can contact the University and they will help you reliably.

The first days at Nanjing University:
When you arrive in Nanjing at first you need to register at Nanjing University. During the registration days at Gulou Campus the University provides different desks inside the registration building where you get all the necessary information and support from the University’s employees regarding the registration process. This includes e.g. signing the contract for the student accommodation, get information about your language courses, insurance and a special mobile phone contract for exchange students at Nanjing University. After finishing the registration process a shuttle bus takes all the exchange students hosted at Xianlin Campus to the other campus (north east part of the city).
For living at Nanjing University you can choose between a one bed room or a shared two bed room you live in with one of your fellow exchange students.
Further every exchange students has got a local buddy who helps you to get along on campus.
University life at Nanjing University:
I used to live in a student accommodation at Xianlin Campus. The Campus is really new and seems to be like an own small city. So you have different shops, restaurants, cafes and an on campus bus service. If you want to work out after the lessons, there are different ways to do so. The campus has got several football pitches, basketball and volleyball fields and also a gym and a swimming pool. Fromm y site I often played football with some Chinese friends.
The students’ organization SIECA organizes different events for exchange students e.g. group travels to other cities and evenings in cafes. It is a good way to get in touch with local students. With my new Chinese friends I often went out for dinner or we took the metro to the stadium to watch football matches of Jiangzu Suning, the local Chinese Super League team.
If you decide to take English taught courses there is always a list online provided which contains all the currently offered English taught courses. Participating these courses helps you to extend you knowledge in your major and also in Chinese culture. E.g. I took the course Chinese Management Studies which opened my eyes in terms of how business is done in China. Several group tasks in the classes helps you to get in touch with the Chinese students as well and to find new friends. The lecturers are always really kind and provide interesting knowledge in different courses.
Me and some friends at a Chinese Super League football match
The City of Nanjing:
I really liked Nanjing because it is an old historical city which also used to be the capital of China. There are lots of different historical places to discover such as the Nanjing Massacre Memorial, several temples especially in Fuzimiao discrict and many parks. The public transportation system is really cheap and makes it easy for you to discover the city.
If you want to get out of the city and have some relaxed time in nature Nanjing is a good choice to live. Right next to the city are the purple mountain where you can wander around and also explore several historical places.
Me and some friends at Purple Mountain
Travelling around China:
If you want to travel around the country, it is a good way to do it during the national holidays. Nanjing has got two huge train station from where you can get to several cities such as Shanghai, Beijing, Hangzhou, Xi’an,  etc. Nanjing also has got an airport which you can use for travelling to more distant parts of the country.
During my time at Nanjing University I found lots of Chinese and international friends. I got the chance to jump into a total different culture and explore a new country. Also the courses at the Nanjing University extended my knowledge about my major and the Chinese culture. I would highly recommend you to study at Nanjing University so that you could enjoy such a unique experience as I did. I also hope some of my Chinese friends maybe come to my home University for an exchange semester so that I could show them life at my university as well.