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SIECA Music Festival on the Grass
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Happy time we share together is always short-lived. As time goes by, Exchange students will soon leave Nanjing University to return to their hometowns. We held a romantic music festival at this parting time, to cherish the time we had spent together and wish them a better future. 
The music festival was actually a kind of wonderful concert with music lovers participating in. It was also bright when we arrived at the playground around 5 pm on May 21.  The site of Music festival had been prepared well before the audiences came here. We were surrounded by different national flags, which represented our solid friendship.
With the dusk coming, the concert began with the warm regards of two hosts. Firstly, the president of SIECA Weiwen Guo made a speech of welcome. She then summarized SIECA’s work of this semester, and outlined the prospect and vision for its future. 
Singers soon began to show their talents. Everyone became excited when Yihua Jin began to sing. Many parts of different songs were putting together as a story, and audiences were delighted to join her singing together.
Chen Di, who won second prize at Top Ten Singers of Nanjing University this year, gave us a song named Gallop. The audience was entirely fascinated by his charming voice. With the scream for an encore, the whole playground was in ferment with his Tornado.。
Bryn from Germany has been fascinated with Chinese Kongfu. We all appreciated his professional posture and applauded enthusiastically for his excellent performance. 
Yi Zeng,one of the Top Ten Singers of Nanjing University in 2016 pushed the concert into the climax with her Ordinary friend+Susan says. Her dashing performance with coloratura into the made us thrilled. Her rap, beyond all question, deserved to be one of the best on the concert. We were enchanted with her encore song Confession Balloon, and sang it with her together to make the night warmer and softer
We took a short break after some wonderful show, and had a game named You Draw I Guess. 
Then, highly anticipated champion of the Top Ten Singers of Nanjing University in 2017, Kanghao Ma began his performance with a song named La Grande Vadrouille, which entranced the audience and of course, he was asked to encore. His The Hill feat. The singing performance of Kunyu He attracted more students who were running at the playground and they couldn’t help stopping their steps only for a glimpse.
With the atmosphere rising, Lee Cheng sang I can take it from there. A round of applause burst out when he danced with a fast-tempted Korean song Sorry Sorry under our sincere invitation.
Lay Me Down, performed by exchange student Can Shen from South Korea, captured our minds. We were so amazed at his incredible show that we wondered if everyone in South Korea was so gifted to be a singing star. 
It seemed that Kunyu He expressed her emotion and feeling better with his songs Moon Cake and Deskmate of You. He was more like a storyteller, welcoming us to join his world. 
Tom, as an exchange student, became one of the Top Ten Singers of Nanjing University in 2017.He soon became famous with his affectionate voice and his precious guitar. 
The sweet song If you performed by Ziyu Song and Maolin Wu made the tenderness linger around.
Our splendid show also attracted children who were walking on the playground. They joined us happily and put up a show.
Yuzhou Liu’s glamorous Show must go on and Yufei Hao’s Love yourself with her soft voice drew the concert to a close.
The planned program finished perfectly but we were all lost in the scene and yearning for more. Microphones were transmitted around us, and the words inside our hearts were expressed one after another.
There would be a goodbye. The concert brought a glorious chapter of this semester. We expect another get-together when the maple leaves turns red.
We truly thanks for those who devoted greatly for the concert,and this beautiful night belongs to everyone who treasures our friendship.