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The Orientation Meeting of International Exchange Students in 2017 Fall Semester
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Photographer: Fang Siying; Writer: Xie Xinyao 


In September, at the beginning of the new semester, there are many freshmen students coming to Nanjing University, among which we have noticed some international exchange students from different countries and regions.  


Therefore, in order to help these exchange students accustomed to living and studying in Nanjing University, the Office of International Cooperation and Exchange, Section of Student Exchange Programmes in our school, held an orientation meeting on September 9th, to introduce attentions and details of study and life in Nanjing University, and replying students’ questions. Then The Presidents of SIECA and AIC also took presentations one by one to introduce their own associations and functions. Both of two associations are aimed to take some activities to communicate and interact with exchange students. Such an orientation meeting not only was useful for exchange students to be accustomed to the school life, but also strengthened the relationship between exchange students and Nanjing University.


At the beginning of orientation, Mrs. Zhao Lei expressed her welcome for students’ coming in English, and also introduced teachers who were present at this meeting. Then she played an English Promotional Video about Nanjing University, which introduced Nanjing University in history and at present. After finishing this Video, Mrs. Chen Xiaoqing illustrated the system and functions of Section of Student Exchange Programmes, and also introduced the Visa processing, daily traffic, the courses, and the transcript specifically. Next, Mrs. Li Xing, the tutor of exchange students, introduced herself and expressed her best wished for all of exchange students. Finally, Mrs. Zhao Lei replied the questions from exchange students.


After teachers’ speeches, The Presidents of SIECA and AIC also took presentations one by one to introduce their own associations and functions. The president of SIECA, Zhang Chuyuan showed many activities held for exchange students in Xianlin Campus last year, and finally, invited all of exchange students sincerely to attend the Welcome party in the end of September. Then the president of AIC, li Sijie introduced activities held for exchange students in Gulou Campus, and also recommended the latest activity--- Moon cake DIY.


In this orientation meeting, teachers also prepared some special presents for all of exchange students---two couples of dedicated traditional Chinese chopsticks, a guidance book of travelling Nanjing and a souvenir T-shirt of Nanjing University. Exchange students expressed their Thanks in Chinese sincerely.


Finally, Thanks for teachers’ preparation about this orientation meeting and also hope exchange students will get an unforgettable memory in Nanjing University.