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SIECA Dumplings DIY
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 On the evening of December 10, the SIECA club held a dumpling DIY activity in the faculty canteenNo.2 on XianLin campus. During the activity, members made dumplings with the provided raw materials by themselves.

 Considering that it might be the first time for some of them to make dumplings, especially the overseas students, the organizer had divided the participants into several groups beforehand. In each group, there would be at least one who knew the process of making dumpling and could act as a guide.
The activity started as soon as all participants were seated at tables. On the table was a pan of stuffing made of pork and cabbage, dumpling wrappers laying beside. To furnish an example, those who are comparatively skillful firstly set about making dumplings. The rest members followed him or her step by step. Many participants confessed that it was hard to grasp it. At the first onset, some of them had no ideas about how to act. But with time, they found their own paths to make dumplings. Their initial shyness faded away and a sense of achievement springs from their heart by watching the dumplings made by their own hands, like watching a magic show. 
Finally, the dumplings were brought to the kitchen for cooking.  After couples of minutes’ waiting, the dumplings were done and came to tables. Tough their shapes look a little odd, everyone feel fulfilled when eating their hand-made dumplings. For some foreign members, it was their first chance to know how to make a Chinese traditional food. What is for sure, the taste of it is really scrumptious.
The curtain of the activity is pulled down as the dumplings were quickly eaten out. The whole purpose of the activity was to let both Chinese students and overseas students have a deeper recognition of Chinese traditional food. Dumplings in China represents the reunion of a family, it’s s symbol of love. When every participants were led by love and serving others, the dumplings created a bond which lifts each of them up. That’s the true meaning which the activity was delivering.

Writer: SIECA殷宪锐