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Orientation Meeting for Exchange Students of 2018 Spring Semester
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Photograph:Chen Jinyan ;Writer:Yin Xianrui

Recently, a fresh batch of exchange students is ushered in the Nanjing University. In order to help them get familiar with learning and life in NJU as soon as possible, the Office of Inthernational Cooperation and Exchange,Section of Student Exchange Program in our school,held a explanation session for exchange students in the afternoon on March 5th.
At the meeting, the teachers from the section of student exchanges of international office introduced all aspects of NJU, focused on matters in their studies and daily life, and answered the questions raised by students. Then the president of SIECA and AIC (two major international exchange associations) came to stage respectively, introducing their responsibilities and wonderful daily activities. The explanation session not only helps the exchange students to integrate into the life in NJU, but also create a bond between them and the section of exchange students program.
The explanation session started at 2 p.m. Ms. Zhao Lei gave a warm welcome to all the foreign students, and introduced the teachers presented from the section of student exchange program. Afterwards, Ms. Zhao Lei played an English promotional video of Nanjing University for the exchange students. The film described the establishment and development of Nanjing University, including the achievements she had made in different historical periods, and the profound connotation of campus culture. The exchange students looked at the screen attentively and had a deeper understanding of the Nanjing University. Then the section chief of student exchanges Dr. Chen Xiaoqing delivered a full introduction of the section of exchange students program, and a detailed description about the visa, transportation, textbook purchase, class selection and so on.  Dr. Chen Xiaoqing also introduced some cultural activities of the NJU. The upcoming tour to Shan’xi made great expectations for exchange students. She also stressed some essential tips in their campus life, especially to remind the exchange students of contacting with their family more, and winning a laugh in the interesting language.
The teachers encouraged the exchange students to bear their first impression of NJU in mind, and presented them some carefully prepared souvenirs: a Nanjing University T-shirt and a pair of exquisite chopsticks. The exchange students were so surprised that they could not wait to take pictures of the gifts.
After the teachers finished the briefing, the president of SIECA and AIC went up to the stage respectively, introducing the two associations which are closely related to the after-school life of the exchange students. The first speaker is the President of SIECA, Zhang Chu‘yuan. She introduced the SIECA’s duty on connecting the exchange students with the section of students exchange program in the Xian’lin Campus, sharing the exciting activities organized by SIECA to everyone: ball games, English corner, movie night, buddy program, Dumpling Festival...... All students are looking forward to SIECA's upcoming Welcome Party after viewing the colorful pictures about the activities. Then came the President of AIC, Li Si’jie, she showed many daily activities hosted by the AIC in Gu’lou campus, such as the picnic, DIY moon cake and so on. Then she noticed the next AIC plan: holding the Beer Festival organizing the spring outing. The two student associations which are responsible for external communications have greatly enriched the extracurricular life of exchange students, and helped them better adapt to and integrate into Chinese culture and atmosphere.
Finally, all the exchange students took a photo with the teachers and the explanation session ended successfully. It not only solved the doubts in the exchange students’s mind, but also prepared them for their studies and daily life in NJU, which made them feel the warmth and enthusiasm of NJU.