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SIECA Welcome Party for NJU Exchangers
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Some new additions of exchange students joined SIECA family this semester. Following the excitement and expectation brought by the first email from buddies during the winter holiday, the welcome party kicked off on the evening of March 18th, under the substantial support of the Office of International Cooperation and Exchanges in our school.


Members of SIECA arrived early to help with the preparations. They decorated the hall and arranged the chairs. The hall was soon warmed up by the enthusiasm emanated from everyone present, shielding the participants from the dimness and coldness outside.



Greetings like “How is your winter holiday?” easily broke the ice. We shared our experiences freely, be they an unforgettable journey, or some unusual but wonderful ideas. Every description struck a chord with the audience and attracted more and more people to join. Girls clustered in groups, enjoying the snacks prepared by SIECA, chatting about some interesting news, while boys had drinks and introduced themselves to each other. Both old friends and new acquaintances mingled together soon and had fun talking to different people.



The party, hosted by Pu Yao and Hu Wei’qi, began with an address of Zhang Chu’yuan,  president of SIECA. She extended warm welcome to all participants, showing the generosity and kindness of SIECA family to all exchange students.



A piece of marvelous Hip-hop by Yan Zhi’ying came next. Her dance steps were vigorous and jaunty, raising the spirit of the whole party. A melodious English song by He Kun’yu also earned warm applause. There was also an interesting game between the two performances—“Grab the Seat”. After many rounds, Jiang Wen’zhao, one of the lovely NJU buddies won the first gift of the party.



Different from the party last semester, a lucky draw was added between the performances with a gift card of Starbucks and some souvenir mugs as prizes. Six students won the lucky draw and got the gifts.


A game called “German Heart Attack” brought the party to its climax. The competition got more and more intense and everyone fully enjoyed the games.  



The party ended in a group photo with everyone smiling wholeheartedly. The new life in NJU for exchange students has started, as is a collection of interesting activities of SIECA this semester. 



Written by Dong Chen’yue