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SIECA Easter out-door activity
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SIECA held the Easter out-door activity on the afternoon of 31 March this semester, intending to celebrate Easter with International students. The activity took place in Yangshan Park fulfilled with the thriving life and green charms of subtropical area, next to a Line two subway station. After experiencing the activities of decorating Easter eggs and flying kites, students have gained a deeper understanding of others’ stories and cultures via enjoyable communication. 
In Yangshan Park, students chose a place on the grassy hills and took great efforts to cover and secure the tarp on the ground. Then members of management distributed various tasty foods and drinks around,and some students helped to serve and pour. 
Here the first activity comes. Every member gets an Easter egg with a red rope to hang it, and a palette of seven water-colors. Everybody followed their imagination and made a very creative product in different styles like Chinese mythology, Western abstract art, minimalism or colorism. 
During the process, they shared their different experiences, habit, value system, goal with others. At the beginning, Chinese students were a little shy to talk much with foreign students. But silence was broken up quickly because of their enthusiasm in acquiring the lives of others. 
For instance, some students talked about the dialects, varying from northeastern mandarin to Hainanese. A foreign student even expressed his ambition to speak northeastern mandarin. Encouraged by his enthusiasm, some Chinese students taught him different Chinese dialects. Others talked about their favorite subjects like Environmental Science, Business, Literature and Chinese. Even some foreign students showed their strong interest in Chinese language and history. All of a sudden, students all fell into the atmosphere of freeness and friendliness.
 Finally, the kite activity started. All students were divided into different groups with a kite respectively and focused on the decoration of kites creatively. Some wrote the slogan of Olympic Games: Faster, Higher, Stronger with green highlighter; some draw the character of lively SpongeBob with icy blue; some put the design of Nanjing University on the kite. But because of less draught, there were hardly successful cases of raising the kite.
 It didn’t, however, affect the strong motivation of members and they continued to share their own anecdotes, causing fits of laughter… 
Finally, the activity ended in a group photo with everyone smiling wholeheartedly. 
It is a great opportunity for students to get known more about the diverse cultures and gain the sense of humanity without boundaries of races, nations or countries. We are looking forward to the next activity bringing more surprises!
Written by Hou’Bo