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Shanxi Cultural Experience Trip for Nanjing University’s International Exchange Students in 2018 Has Successfully Concluded
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From April 14th to April 19th, 2018, in this beautiful spring season, Section of Student Exchange Program, Office of International Cooperation and Exchanges, Nanjing University, prepared a wonderful trip for exchange students from various countries in Shanxi Province. The purpose of this trip is to give exchange students chances to experience the culture and customs of cities in northwest China, including their history origins, the changes of ancient dynasties, the development of religions, and the modernization developments.
After arriving in Taiyuan on the 15th, following the lead of a local tour guide, exchange students arrived at Wutai Mountain in Xinzhou. Wutai Mountain is the first of four famous Buddhist mountains in China, and is also the only famous mountain that has both Buddhism and Tibetan Buddhism in the Han area. The group visited 4 ancient temples including Xiantong Temple, which is the largest and oldest monastery in the Wutai Mountain; Tayuan Temple, where the Buddha’s Pagoda is located and so forth.
Photo 1:group photo of Nanjing University’s international exchange students on Mount Wutai
Exchange students from all over the world were absorbed to the Buddhist culture, and were amazed by the fascinating scenery on Mount Wutai.
Photo 2:exchange students are listening to the tour guide with great attention
Photo 3:exchange students are on the way to the mountain top
Mount Wutai is located in the Loess Plateau, with an elevation of 3061 meters above sea level. It is composed of a series of mountains and peaks, and because of the freezing climate, the land is dry and thin. However, when the group reached the top of the snow-capped mountains, the teachers and student were all stunned by the magnificent scenery.
Photo 4:beautiful scenery on the snow-capped mountains 
The next day, after a four-hour road trip, the group arrived at the Yungang Grottoes in Datong City. The Yungang Grottoes are one of the largest grottoes in China, which has 51 major caves, 5100 statues, of which the highest one is 17 meters and the smallest is only a few centimeters. It is the masterpiece during the first peak period of Chinese Buddhist art. Under the detailed explanation of the tour guides, exchange students learned a lot about Chinese construction art, and were all conquered by the art of China's astounding talents.
Photo5:group photo at Yungang Grottoes 
Later, the group came to the tourist spot where the TV drama "Qiao Family Courtyard" was shot. The so called Qiao Family Courtyard was built in the Qing Dynasty, covering an area of 8724.8 square meters. It consists of a total of 313 houses in 19 small courtyards in 6 large houses. It is the home of Qiao Zhiyong, a famous commercial capitalist in the Qing Dynasty. The layout of the yard is rigorous and the design is delicate, which fully shows the advanced construction technology of the Han Chinese constructors.
                           图6:Qiao family courtyard
After the visit to the Qiao Family Courtyard, the students went to Rishengchang ancient bank, which is the originator of the Bank of China's country. Founded in AD 1824), its emergence and development promoted the nation's financial circulation, accelerated capital turnover, and made outstanding contributions to the development of the national industry and commerce at that time, fully reflecting Chinese people’s business intelligence. In addition, the students also visited the largest and most complete Pingyao Forbidden City in China, and also Mingqing Streets, which were known as China’s Wall Street two hundred years ago. The cuisine here makes everyone’s taste buds satidfied. In the evening, thestudents stayed in the antique Pingyao Ancient Inn and experienced the traditional Shanxi merchants' homestay accommodation.
Photo 7:local hostel of traditional decoration style in Pingyao county
On the last day of the journey, the students paid a visit to Taiyuan University of Technology. First of all, Director Li Ruifeng of Taiyuan International Office gave a speech and warmly welcomed exchange students from Nanjing University. Afterwards, Prof. Hou Tao, Associate Dean of the School of Foreign Languages at Taiyuan University of Technology introduced the history, culture, and famous attractions of Shanxi to foreign students. She led the exchange students to experience the culture of Shanxi merchants, the culture of Buddhism, and the culture of the progenitors, so as to enable exchange students to have a more comprehensive understanding of  Shanxi. After the lecture, exchange students of Nanjing University also visited the history museum of Taiyuan University of Technology under the guidance of local students, and expressed their deep appreciation of the open academic atmosphere of the visited university.
Photo 8:exchange students are listening to the lecture 
Photo 9:exchange students are visiting the history museum of Taiyuan University of Technology
Photo 10:group photo at Taiyuan University of Technology
After a short break, the left left Taiyuan University of Technology and visited the Shanxi Museum with rich collections, and after which, the students left the beautiful city by train.
The trip of the cultural experience in Shanxi not only deepened the exchange students' understanding of Chinese traditional culture and Shanxi's characteristic culture, but also promoted the exchanges between Chinese students and international students, as well as strengthen the friendship among the international students. After the trip, many exchange students said that they benefited a lot from this trip, and that they are looking forward to participating other cultural experience activities of this kind of in the near future.