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The Orientation Meeting of International Exchange Students in 2018 Fall Semester
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At the beginning of this new semester, students from all of the world as exchange students came to Nanjing University to further their study. In order to help these exchange students be more familiar with life in China and get accustomed to living and studying in Nanjing University. The Office of International Cooperation and Exchange, Section of Student Exchange Program in our school, held an orientation meeting on September 7th. 
This meeting began with an English promotional video about Nanjing University. At the meeting, Chen Xiaoqing from the section of student exchanges of international office introduced all aspects of NJU, including contact information, information about courses and life in NJU, cultural activities, important days and some notices.
As an expression of welcome, the Office of International Cooperation and Exchange prepared some useful and meaningful gifts for exchange students. After gifts were distributed, Zhao Lei from the section of student exchanges of international office personally demonstrated how to choose courses for the exchange students, and introduced the operation and related precautions of the semester course selection in an intuitive way.
After teachers’ speeches, the presidents of SIECA and AIC took the stage to introduce the two international cooperation and exchange associations as well as their Buddy Program. Besides, they recommended a series of cultural activities to exchange students and encouraged them to get involved in it.
At the end of this orientation meeting, a member of SIECA introduced the main buildings of Nanjing University Xianlin Campus to help exchange students better understand the location, use and history of them.
The orientation meeting of international exchange students will help the exchange students adapt to the school life in NJU as soon as possible through detailed explanations. We hope exchange students will get an unforgettable memory in Nanjing University. 
Writer: Pu Yao
Photographer: Hu Weiqi