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2018 Autumn Semester Welcome Party Held Successfully
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On September 28, SIECA held a welcome party for the autumn semester in Canteen No.9 to welcome exchange students to Nanjing University.

Under the warm light in the dining hall, the golden alphabet balloons hung on the walls looked very lively. The stage was surrounded by a number of colorful balloons, with seats in nordic style around. The sense of ceremony has been completely showed out. Everything is just right.

Snacks were put on the table in order: biscuit boxes creating letters ‘SIECA’, colorful drinks, chips and sushi on small white dishes, all showing the sincerity and carefulness of the staff who prepared the party.

After seven o'clock, Chinese and foreign guests arrived at the party one after another, and got their own lucky numbers after signing their names, meeting their buddies and chatting happily.

At 7:30 p.m., Yan Zhiying's opening dance, Snap yo finger, looked like a whirlwind, officially igniting the atmosphere. Cool clothes , hot dancing and dynamic music.

No wonder it was an eye-catching first show filled with speed and strength!

Then, having dressed up, two hosts, Deng Wenxuan and Chen Xuyuan, showed their enthusiasm, and invited the president of SIECA, Cao Yue to give an opening speech. A balloon burst just at the very beginning when she stepped onto the stage, again firing the atmosphere of the whole hall. In a burst of cheers and applause, the chairman expressed the warmest welcome to the foreign exchange guests.

The show was brilliant and colourful. One of the Top Ten singers, Wu Yongge, presented a fascinating Jazz solo "You Know I'm No Good," as Tango dancing after the rain, lazy and casual but without losing rhythm. The audience listened, felt and slowly lost in their own world. After the end of the song, there was a sense of release after being drunk.

Following the music is the Jazz Dance "Dancing with me" given by Gao Ying. Instead of the usual sadness and tiredness of Blues in memory, the jazz dance was so dynamic that the hearts of the audience could not help dancing to the rhythm.

Subsequently, Japanese exchange student Zhongyuan Jingzhi played a piece of music called "Tsugaru Shamisen" with the traditional Japanese musical instrument shamisen. Noise under the stage gradually faded in the Japanese classical music, and the audience of different cultures hold their breath to listen in this moment, reflecting the exquisiteness of his skill and the depth of his emotion.

Then came the beautiful girl Heng Yiran from Sichuan province who sang "The Show". Familiar and fresh melody, sweet and witty soundsall let worries get away. Except for shaking the whole body with the beat and enjoying relaxing time, what else can people ask for?

After a round of surprising luck draw, Antoine Cantin came onto stage with a cube in his hand ---from twisting it within nine seconds in both hands to ten seconds in one hand, to twenty-six seconds without watching it. Antoine forgot the stage and forgot himself in the brain's high speed operation, and the magic cube's rapid recovery ignited surprise and applause again and again.

Zhang Lingyu sang "Young Wild & Free", "so what/ we get drunk,/so what/ we smoke weed/ we're just having fun,/we don't care who sees." The free lyrics made people think of the memory  of senior high school, classmates living together for three years, and the time of rebellion has already ended . After thatperiod, we can still be free, but we can never ignore everything.      

The mood switched sharply, and Ge Yifu, with his nunchakus, performed Nunchakus. Tense background music coupled with handsome movements brought an exciting sensory feast.

 Accompanied by Anastasiia Ikhomirova’s Ukraine, Anastasiia and Dai Xiaoni presented a song "Have a Girlfriend Don't Forget to Invite Me to dinner." Under the light and melody, they were sending full foreign charm, and the audience could not help but clap with the rhythm.

Between the performances in different styles and the changeable atmosphere were several rounds of small lottery draws. People who was lucky enough to be chosen jumped onto the stage to receive prizes, leading to the climax of the party again and again.

In fact, it was already lucky to gather in SIECA family.

Finally, Li Qingqing and Huang Wangwang, who had been waiting for a long time in their black gowns, presented the cross talk Learning Foreign Languages. People moved the chairs to sit in a circle. They use their own way, cleverly and humorously blending the Chinese, English, Korean language into the lines, to shorten the distance between friends from different countries.

It was nearly ten o'clock when the party came to an end. But everyone didn’t want to leave. Talks they had were enough to forge a deep friendship though they were not so complicated. After the party, foreign friends helped the members of SIECA clean up the hall, and the staff of the Nine Canteens also helped to move the tables and chairs to their original positions.
Welcome party is over, but SIECA has opened a new chapter in the new semester. A variety of interesting activities in the future will continue to catch everyone's eyes and write all kinds of unforgettable stories. At the same time, SIECA sincerely hopes that our Chinese and foreign partners can enhance exchanges, learn from each other, broaden their horizons and achieve brilliant friendships.

Finally, thanks again to the staff of Canteen No.9 for their help and all the teachers and students who have done their best to organizing the welcome party!

Chen Yitian