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2018 Fall Semester Exchange Students Movie Night Activity Held Sucessfully
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 The Chinese corner opens the curtain again in the form of movie night! 

On the night of Nov. 9, our SIECA members and exchange students met to watch "alive", a film about the life of an ordinary man in the big time. 
At the beginning,Host Hou bo gave a brief introduction of the film and popularized the relevant background. It's a profound and enlightening film. The protagonist,Fu gui, used to be a playboy addicted in gambling. However, a series of events such as bankruptcy and revolution have changed his character dramatically. His life is full of ups and downs, but from his suffering and change, we may understand the meaning of life itself. 
Additionally, when choosing the film, we use the version with English subtitles, making it easier for exchange students to understand. 
 After the movie, we had a further discussion on the plot and the moral. Since the period of history may be a bit strange for foreigners, some exchange students showed puzzled expressions at first, but with the help of Chinese students, all the questions were solved. With the proceeding of the discussion, everyone in this room showed their own unique opinions and was competing to talk. At that moment, the atmosphere was very fantastic.
The film night ended in a lively atmosphere, some foreign friends were still in the mood, indulging in the film and discussion.
The Chinese corner not only makes the language collide with each other, deepens the junior partners' understanding of foreign culture, but also makes our friendship with exchange students deeper.
The language corner series continues.
Mao Ziqi