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2018 Fall Semester Exchange Student's Festival of Halloween
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Halloween—it is considered to be a good chance to have fun, to tell ghost stories and to scare each other. Not to know from what time, people no longer sing the praises of autumn during Halloween, but transform it to be a festival of gods、spirits、witches and ghosts. On the night of Oct.28th, the Halloween party held by SIECA and English Club of Nanjing University its mysterious veil in the 9th cafeteria.

Seeing all sorts of decorations hung on the walls when first coming into the room, following the music to the site, everyone present are looking forward to the event because of the lively atmosphere and scene. People wore different Halloween costumes. Everyone had a different makeup and they were fascinating. Someone wore black tights and white bobs while some people wore robes and terrible masks. Some also had makeup full of personality. These all heated the Halloween atmosphere.



At the event, we also invited many clubs and singing stars of the campus. Rock-R lit the opening. Bravo and Fire brought the activity to a climax. Latin Dance Club and Passion illustrated the craziness of the festival by their bodies. Ten Star Singers-Kong Weiran and Wu Yongge also sang songs. Everyone was influenced by these diverse and fabulous activities and was intoxicated in it.

During the fascinating programs, there were many surprising games and prize draws as well. In addition, there were interesting games all around the venue, such as collecting hoodles by chopsticks, carrying onion rings by straws and carving pumpkins······ Participants could get gifts and delicious food by collecting seals from the games. All the students had a good time.

The Halloween Party brought western traditional culture into our lives, and also mixed our Chinese culture into the activities. Exchange students from aboard felt the familiarity from traditions in a foreign country and everyone harvested precious friendship.


Luo Mingxi