Nanjing University-the University of Sheffield 2021 Summer School
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Nanjing University-the University of Sheffield  

2021 Summer School


DatesJuly 5th-July 16th 2021

ThemePost-Pandemic Everyday Life: British and Chinese Perspectives

Level: Undergraduate

Format: Virtual + Group work

Program highlights

  • Well-designed theme with academic courses jointly customized by NJU & TUOS professors

  • Students’ interviews and group interaction throughout the courses

  • Rich cultural experiences with virtual & in-person activities

  • Certificate of summer school

  • Enhancing students’ comprehensive competences in academic learning, practices, cross-cultural communication and collaboration, etc.



Course Schedule                                                                                              

The sessions on 5th July is from 4:30-8:00pm (Beijing Time)/ 9:30am-1:00pm (London Time);

Other sessions are from 5:00-8:00pm (Beijing Time)/ 10:00am-1:00pm (London Time).

5 July 

Opening ceremony

Guo Wei: Mental Health and Its Social Correlates in the   General Chinese Population during the COVID-19

6 July

Yang Yudong: Where to Go: Chinese   International Students in the Post-Pandemic Era

Tom Clark & Zhou Peiqin-participating in class   discussion

7 July

Andrea Baldini: Art exhibition (

Ran Guangpei: A documentary

(Assigning homework)

8 July

Simon Rushton: The Politics of Pandemics

Thomas Johnson & Zhou Peiqin-participating in   class discussion

9 July

Lin Xue: The Role of Experts in COVID-19 Response in China

Zhou PeiqinPresentation assignment and   guidelines



12 July

Sun Wenzheng: Self-Tracking Practices and Self-Management in the   Post-COVID-19 Everyday Life

Tom Clark: The Impact of the COVID-19 on the “Student   Experience”

13 July

Qiu Yue: Weaving Memory: Disaster Narratives in Internet Short   Videos during COVID-19

Thomas Johnson & Sun Wenzheng-participating   in class discussion

14 July

Andrea Baldini & Ran Guangpei: Students present their   homework assigned on 7th July.

Meeting the advisors for presentation

15 July

Chai Xiangnan: Older Chinese Adults' Health Behaviors in the   Post-COVID-19 Era

Zhou Peiqin-participating in class discussion

Preparing the presentation

16 July

Student presentations (Tom Clark, Thomas Johnson, Zhou Peiqin, Sun Wenzheng, )

Closing ceremony

Academic Leaders & Lecturers                                                                              

Zhou Peiqin, Ph.D. 

Zhou Peiqin is an associate professor in the School of Social and Behavioral Sciences at Nanjing University. Dr. Zhou’s teaching and research focuses on gender studies and media studies.

Thomas JohnsonPh.D.



Thomas Johnson is a lecturer in the Department of Politics and International Relations at the University of Sheffield. His research focuses on Chinese politics. Specifically, he is interested in how people in China respond to pollution and in the interplay between regulation and contentious politics. His goal when teaching a course is to create an effective learning environment that encourages and empowers students to develop their own understandings of the topic.


Tom ClarkPh.D.


Tom Clark is a lecturer in the Department of Sociological Studies at The University of Sheffield. He designs immersive digital environments to enhance the student experience of learning, and also has much experience of delivering student partnership projects. Dr. Clark is interested in all aspects of research methods and methodology, particularly with respect to learning and teaching.


Guo Wei, Ph.D.

Guo Wei is an Associate Professor in Social Policy and Demography at the School of Social and Behavioral Sciences, Nanjing University. Dr. Guo’s primary research interests include Population, Environment, Technology, and Society (PETS), Migrants, Work, and the Welfare State (MWS), and Aging, Health and Well-Being (AHW).

Yang Yudong, Ph.D.


Yang Yudong is an associate professor of culture anthropology at Nanjing University. His research interests focus on traumatic memory, comparative study between Korean and Chinese culture, kinship and legal anthropology.

Andrea Baldini, Ph.D.

Andrea Lorenzo Baldini is Director of the NJU Center for Sino-Italian Cultural Studies and Associate Professor of Art Theory and Aesthetics at the School of Arts of Nanjing University. He holds two PhDs, one in Philosophy from Temple University in Philadelphia (USA), where he studied as a Fulbright Fellow, the other in Text Sciences from the University of Siena (IT). He is generally interested in how creativity can influence our everyday lives and practices, and in particular the nature, uses, and functions of public spaces. He is Young Ambassador of the Jiangsu Province.

Ran Guangpei, Ph.D.


Ran Guangpei is an assistant research fellow at Nanjing University. His research interests include ritual, visual and sensory anthropology and ordinary ethics. He is also an ethnographic filmmaker.

Simon Rushton, Ph.D.


Simone Rushton is a senior lecturer in the Department of Politics and International Relations at the University of Sheffield. Simon is an Associate Fellow of the Centre on Global Health Security at the Royal Institute of International Affairs, Chatham House, and a Senior Fellow of the Center for Global Health Security and Diplomacy in Ottawa. Simon’s research interests focus on the global politics of health and on participatory research methods.

Lin Xue, Ph.D.


Lin Xue is an assistant Professor in the School of Government at NJU. Her research interests focus on emergency management, public risk governance, and urban resilience.


Sun Wenzheng, Ph.D.

Sun Wenzheng is an assistant professor in the School of Journalism and Communication at Nanjing University. Her research interests are new media and youth culture, communication and society, and intercultural communication.

Qiu Yue, Ph.D

Qiu Yue received her Ph.D. degree from the Division of Humanities at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. She is now a Research Assistant at Nanjing University. Her Ph.D. thesis studies the post-disaster recovery of the relocated community in Northern Sichuan. Her research interest includes disaster anthropology, cultural heritage, and place-making. 

Chai Xiangnan, Ph.D.

Chai Xiangnan is an assistant research fellow at Sociology, Nanjing University. He received his doctorate dated October, 2019, at University of Western Ontario. Dr. Chai's research focuses on aging and the life course, and health and health inequality in the contexts of China and North America.

Learning Materials                                                                                       

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