• Impressions of NJU
      Impressions of NJU
      ​I came to Nanjing University in order to study law and most importantly improve my Chinese, which I knew a little bit from teaching English three years ago in ...
    • Exchange at Nanjing University
      Exchange at Nanjing Univer...
      I am a student of International Economics and Philosophy and I spend one semester at Nanjing University. Over all I was and still am very happy with my decision...
    • Reflections of an Exchange Student at Nanjing University
      Reflections of an Exchange...
      China is becoming an increasingly popular study destination for many foreign students owing to the country’s burgeoning international power, as well as its cul...
    • Impressions on Nanjing University By Oscar Cordón
      Impressions on Nanjing Uni...
      Background: My name is Oscar Cordón. I am from Villa Nueva, Guatemala, in Central America. I am pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Asian Studies at Brigham Young...
    • NJU Impression by Bastian Max WITTIG
      NJU Impression by Bastian ...
      ​Preparation for the exchange semester at Nanjing University: After you received the acceptance to spend one or two semesters at Nanjing university you ...
    • Reflection @ NJU Experience Kimberly Tay 郑倩玉 (Singapore)
      Reflection @ NJU Experienc...
      Reflection @ NJU Experience Kimberly Tay 郑倩玉 (Sing
    • Impression of NJU by Stefan-Slovkia
      Impression of NJU by Stefa...
      I came to Nanjing at the end of August 2014. My ar
    • Impression of NJU by Nina-Italy
      Impression of NJU by Nina-...
      Dear freshmen,is odd that I'm writing you this let
    North Administration Building
    Tang Zhongying Building
    Pukou Campus
    Night Scene of Library
    Indoor Scene of Library-Reading
    School History Museum
    Ding of NJU-Winter
    Ding of NJU
    Chapel of Gulou Campus
    Xianlin Campus Building
    A River before Library
    History of NJU-6
    History of NJU-5
    History of NJU-4
    History of NJU-3
    History of NJU-2
    History of NJU-1
    Gate of Library
    Main Gate of Xianlin Campus
    Outdoor Scene of Library in Xianlin Campus