Application Procedure 




To attend NJU as an exchange student, you must be nominated by one of NJU’s partner universities. The student exchange office of your home university will determine your eligibility for an exchange program. Please contact them for application details.


Our office will only review materials of students nominated by coordinator of home university. If you are a self-paying student, please refer to the on-line website of Institute for International Students for application: 海外教育学院 ( or contact: 


According to current admission policy, applicants with Chinese Nationality are not allowed to apply as exchange students to study at NJU.


Nomination Deadline:    

Spring Semester: October 30th  

Fall Semester: April 30th 



Language Requirements

• Chinese Language Training Courses: No language requirements

  Chinese-taught Content Courses: HSK 5

   English-taught Content Courses: IELTS 6 / TOEFL 78 for student from non-English-native countries


Application Materials Checklist

1.      Official English transcript from home university

2.      A copy of passport photo page

3.      Portrait photo of electronic edition; 

        Photo format: .JPG File  

        Photo size: Length: Width = 4:3 

        Electronic file size: 100KB ~ 500KB  (no smaller than  320*240dpi )

       Background color: light color  

       Please indicate your full name as the title of your photo.  

4.      A certificate of language proficiency (if applicable)

5.      Filled Accommodation Application Form 

Download website:

6.      Physical Examination Record for Foreigner

 (for students who apply for one academic year’s exchange ONLY)


Application Step 

1.  Nomination online. 

      Coordinator of your home university will nominate students online in the nomination system: 

(“User ID” and “Password” will be offered to coordinator ONLY) 


2. Submit your application documents. 

      Coordinator of home university should submit scanned copies of all above materials of applicants to

      All documents pertaining to one student, except the portrait photo, must be submitted in one file, with the student’s full name clearly indicated. Portrait photo must be submitted in JPG format .


3. Apply for on-campus accommodation. 

      You have to apply on-campus accommodation due to the limited spots of student dormitories. Please submit the Accommodation Application Form in your application materials.


Please note that reservation cannot be cancelled after the application deadline. Applications overdue won’t be considered. NJU will assign students’ accommodation according to applications, students are not permitted to change rooms on their wills.


4.   Receive acceptance letter. 

      NJU will send acceptance letters by courtier in late June (for Autumn Semester) and late December (for Spring Semester). Acceptance letters will only be sent to home universities’ international offices.




Prepare for you exchange

Physical examination

Physical Examination is only required for one-year students. The result of Physical Examination will be necessary in the applications for both Visa and Residence Permit in China.

Before registration, you should bring the original copies of the “Physical Examination Record for Foreigner”, and the “HIV, Syphilis, and Hepatitis Examination Report” to Jiangsu International Travel Health Care Center (No. 39 Chuang-Zhi Road) to have them verified.

More information :Physical Examination (



All incoming students should purchase a student health insurance after arrival at NJU: 400 RMB per semester.

More information:



Be sure to take enough amount of RMB in cash with you. In NJU campuses, your shopping in supermarkets, food and drink in canteens, and so on could only be done by cash. Credit card could not be used in Campuses.


Weather and Clothing   

The average temperature in Nanjing in February is between 4-5°C, but it is possible that it could drop to below 0°C. It is advisable that you bring warm clothing that can be layered, such as shirts and sweaters, and a warm jacket. It may be wise to bring along a wind-and water-proof jacket, in case there may be rainy days.


Orientation Meeting   

At the beginning of semester, our office would organize an orientation meeting for every exchange student for the introduction of study and life in NJU. We would email to inform you to take part in this orientation. Please be sure to come and have a notice with the announcement on our website and your email.



Please note that due to the considerably large volume of enquiries which we are currently dealing with when you email to us for questions. We kindly ask for your patience and understanding until such time as we are able to respond to your email. 

Please click the following website of Answers Online  at first: 

Please enter a key word in the searching blank to find the similar FAQs. Hope you could get a satisfactory answer from Answers Online .


Impression of NJU 

Please submit an essay about Impression of NJU to us during your stay in NJU. And in your essay, please write down your life and feelings in NJU to share with others and offer useful experiences to future foreign students. It is always required to have 2 or 3 colored photos in the essay.

Your essay would be published on our website of “Impression of NJU” 

Please email your essay to: 





Contact Information


Office of International Cooperation and Exchanges


Office Name: Student Mobility Programs, Office of International Cooperation and Exchanges 

Office Address: Room 816, North Administration Building in Xianlin Campus.



Tel: 86-25-89683371 


Institute for International Students   


Institute for International Students (IIS) is on the 5th floor of Zeng Xianzi Building in Gulou Campus.

The Enrollment Service Office (Admission/Registration/ Arrival Certificate) 

Room 514, ZENG Xianzi Building, Tel: 86-25-83594535

The International Students’ Service Office (Visa Affairs) 

Room 518, ZENG Xianzi Building, Tel: 86-25-83592473

The Academic Affairs Office (Chinese language learning courses, making transcript) 

Room 520, ZENG Xianzi Building, Tel: 86-25-83594613

The Teaching Material Office (Textbook Purchase) 

Library on the 4th floor, ZENG Xianzi Building, Tel: 86-25-83593757

Website: (in English), (in Chinese)





Entrance and Ecit Affairs Office of Nanjing Public Security Bureau 


Address: No. 173, Bai-Xia Road (南京市白下路173)

Tel: 86-25-84420005


Jiangsu International Travel Health Care Center

 Address: No. 39, Chuangzhi Road, Nanjing (