Student Cards   


International students will be given a Nanjing University student card after enrollment.


Undergraduates and graduate students will receive a student card issued by the administrator of their department. If it is lost, please apply to the administrator for a replacement.


General Advanced students, special advanced students and research students will receive a student card issued by the Teaching Service Office of the Institute for International Students. If it is lost, please apply to this office for a replacement.


How to apply Student Card?  


1. How to apply the Student Card (Undergraduate Students)
ONLY for the undergraduates:
Please bring one 2-inch photo with your Passport Names and Passport Numbers at the back and submit it to Room 503, Zeng Xianzi Building.
Application Time: First two weeks of each semester  9:30--11:00 14:30--16:00
Place: Room 503, Zeng Xian Zi Building, 
Pick-up Time: Get your student card in 5 working days at Room 503.


2. Graduate Students (Masters and Postgraduates) 
Please go to your own department to apply the student cards after registration in Institute for International Students


3. Language Learners in Institute for International Students: 
Please go to Students Academic Office in Institute for International Students (Office 520, Zeng Xianzi Building) and follow their application steps.

Note!  The student card is an important piece of identification for international students. It should be carried at all times, and should not be lent out or given away. If it is lost, you must immediately take care of the matter.