Procedure for Leaving the School  

International exchange students whose studies have been completed and who are leaving the Chinese mainland absolutely must do so while their visa or residence permit is still valid. If, for some reason, it is not possible to leave the country on time, it is necessary to apply for and have approved an application for an extension to your residence permit. During the duration of their studies, the legitimate rights and interests of any international exchange student studying in China will receive the protection of the law, and so students must respect Chinese law and any school regulations.
Checklist: Leaving NJU   
Visit your faculty or your programme coordinator and make sure that you have fulfilled all the obligations related to your stay, that all the paper work is done, and that you have received all relevant information. 
Make sure all library books have been returned. 
Cancel all the contracts (accommodation, mobile phone, etc.). 
In the case of on-campus accommodation, return your room key and the other necessary items to the Management & Service Office of your dorm. 
Make sure that your dormitory deposit has been returned to you when you check out. (If there are losses or damage to the items or facilities in dorm, Management & Service Office will remove an appropriate amount from your deposit before returning it.) 
In the case of off-campus accommodation, make sure you contact your landlord to terminate your housing contract well in advance. If applicable, arrange for your deposit to be refunded. 
Close your bank account in China. 
Submit an essay about “Impression of NJU” to 
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Before your leaving NJU, please submit an essay about Impression of NJU to us. And in your essay, please write down your life and feelings in NJU to share with others and offer useful experiences to future foreign students. It is always required to have 2 or 3 colored photos in the essay. The preferred length is more than one A4 page, with 8 point size “Times New Roman” font. 

Your essay would be published on our website of “Impression of NJU”: 

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