On-campus Dorms  

International students can stay in the international student’s dormitory on Gulou campus, or the dormitory on the Xianlin campus.
Note!  Nanjing University incorporates both Gulou and Xianlin campuses. Gulou campus is located in downtown Nanjing. Xianlin campus is about 20 kilometers away from Gulou campus. 
Note!  For the students who have recevied Chinese Government Scholarship or Confucius Sholarship  could get FREE residence .   

How to apply on-campus accommodation?    

You have to apply on-campus accommodation due to the limited spots of student dormitories. Please download the Accommodation Application Form from the following website:
Please be well noted that:
1. Please email the filled Accommodation Application Form before October 30th (Exchange for spring semester) or April 30th (Exchange for fall Semester) to your coordinator with the other application materials.
2. Our office would arrange which building of dorms you will live according to the applicant number and actual situation of on-campus dorms. Students are not allowed to choose the building of dorms by themselves.
3. All the exchange students are recommended to live in Xianlin campus. Due to the limited amount of rooms, it is strongly suggested to live in double rooms. If you apply for a double-room, your roommate (the same gender) will be randomly assigned.
4. Reservation cannot be cancelled once you submit the application.
5. Applications overdue won’t be considered.  
6. NJU will assign students’ accommodation according to applications, students are not permitted to change rooms on their wills.
Buildings of Xianlin dorms 
Dorm No 21 in Xianlin Campus    
A dormitory deposit of 600 Yuan RMB for the facilities and 50 Yuan RMB for the room key is required upon check-in. Please appropriately use and care for these facilities and the room key so that it will be able to return 650 Yuan RMB deposit when you check out.  
Tel: 025-89681068/025-89681078
Address: International Students Apartment, #21 Building, Xianlin Campus

Regulations on Management of Domitory: 南京大学国际学生宿舍管理规定.pdf 

Price of the Accommodation:  
Single Room: 6000 Yuan RMB/one semester/person12000 Yuan RMB/one year/person (not including the fee of electricity and water)
Double Room: 3000 Yuan  RMB/one semester/person; 6000 Yuan RMB/one year/person (not including the fee of electricity and water) 
 Facilities in dorms: 
Beds, desk and chair, mini bookshelf, air-conditioned, cable internet service


1.      All the exchange students are recommended to live in Xianlin campus. Due to the limited amount of rooms, it is strongly suggested to live in double rooms.    

2.     Electricity in your room will be charged in advance (payment must be made by yourself later on), which would be enough for the first few days’ usage. You have to charge the electricity fee using your campus card as soon as possible.  


3.  International students living in the Xianlin campus’s student dormitory should pay their room fees according to the stipulated time period. Rent may be paid by semester or by school year.  

4.    The bedclothes cannot be provided in dorms on Xianlin Campus. You have to purchase it in advance. NJU will provide a package which includes all the things you may need in your room. The package includes the articles listed in the following form. The price for the package is about 500 Yuan RMB. You can buy it when you check-in room. Please be aware that the payment can only be made in cash.   

List of articles for bedding and daily life    

List of articles for bedding and daily life  
5. Coin laundry is located at the ground floor of Dorm No.21 and Dorm No.18 in Xianlin campus. Each time will cost you 3 to 5 Yuan RMB for washing.   
How to top up electricity fee?   
Please make sure that your campus card has been charged with enough money firstly, then you could start the next steps to do electricity recharge. (Please go to the pages of “About Campus Card” to find the instructions of campus card recharge.)   
Use the campus card to top up at the self-service machine. There is a self-service machine on the ground floor of each dormitory building. Be sure to charge enough cash into the campus card in advance. Then you could transfer the money in campus card for electricity recharge on self-service machine.
Click buttons of “校园卡务”(campus card service)------“电费充值”(Electricity Recharge) on self-service machine. 
Self-service machine 
The procedure for charging electricity fee:    
Commonly used telephone numbers on campus  
Nanjing University Police: 86-25-89685110
Fire alarm on campus: 86-25-89685110
Campus hospital: 86-25-89685120
Management & Service Office for dorms in Xianlin Campus: 86-25-89680089
Electricity Power Service Center: 86-25-89681118
Network Information Center: 86-25-89683791/89684793
Campus Card Service Center: 86-25-89686529
Telecom business hall: 86-25-89681114
Post office: 86-25-89681112
Library: 86-25-89682324
Gymnasium: 86-25-89680100
Robbery and Theft: 110
Fire: 119
Traffic Accident: 122
Medical Emergency: 120
Xiyuan Dorms in Gulou Campus   
If you choose to live in Xiyuan Hotel, please go to the hotel service desk to complete necessary housing procedures and sign a housing contract.  
Tel: 86-25-83593589
Address (in English): 20 Jinyin Street, Gulou, Nanjing. Xiyuan Hotel, NJU
Address (in Chinese): 金银街20号(近上海路),南京大学鼓楼校区状元楼西苑宾馆
Price of the Accommodation:  
XiYuan  offers a twin room  for about 52 Yuan RMB/person/day , and a  single room  for about 67 Yuan RMB/person/day .
International students living in the international student’s dormitory should pay their room fees according to the stipulated time period. They must pay a RMB 650 Yuan materials deposit and an RMB 1000 Yuan rent deposit. Rent may be paid by month, in which case rent is paid during the 25th and 30th of each month. If students check out, rent is calculated up to the day students return their key.
Facilities in dorms:  
Beds, blanket, pillow, dresser, wardrobe, desk and chair, mini bookshelf, phone, air-conditioned, cable internet service
Please go to the service desk on the ground floor of Xiyuan dorm to purchase electriciy. Each time you must purchase at least 100 degrees (KWh) of electriciy.
Notices for on-campus accommodation   
1. It is forbidden to use high power electrical equipment in dorms (like electric stove, electric kettle, and so on), for your own safety. Smoking is also forbidden in dorms. Please make sure you treat the facilities in dorms with care. You should be ordered to pay compensation for the breakages on the objects in dorms.
2. If you find any damages on the furniture or water and electricity facilities, please notify to the staffs in the Management & Service Office in dorm building and let them to help you to repair the facilities.
3. When you leave for a long time or come back after a long holiday, you should do the registration in the Management & Service Office in dorm building. It is forbidden to accommodate any guests in dorms. Any guests who visit your dorms for a short time should do a registration in the Management & Service Office.
4. If you discover fires in dorms, please call the safety services office: 86-25-89685110 or 119 immediately.
5. Living in Xianlin Campus dorms, you should buy electricity in advance. Therefore, please bring enough RMB cash with you when you are arriving in China. You need to pay for the extra use. You should go to the Electricity Power Service Center, which is located in southwestern corner of District A in Dorm No. 1 to buy electricity. Top-up can be operated at the self-service machine or at the Electricity Power Service Center. Power failures repair please call: 86-25-89681118.
6. Please be sure to live in the exact room that has been assigned to you. Changing rooms without notification is not allowed. Rooms are randomly assigned to individual. If you do need to change the room due to some reasons, please notify the staff in Management & Service Office and our office.
7. Be sure to close your door tightly and turn off all water faucets and lights when you leave your room.
Notices for off-campus accommodation   
1. Our office cannot arrange off-campus accommodation for students.
2. Students living off campus should settle their rent fees on time, in order to avoid unnecessary legal disputes.
3. Students may also live in off-campus accommodations, but must, in accordance with regulation, go to their place of residence's local public security bureau to handle registration procedures. When living off campus, it is absolutely necessary to ensure that the source of your housing information is reliable, that rental procedures are entirely legal, and to have your landlord file your rental permit at the local public security bureau, as well as to visit the local public security bureau yourself to apply for a temporary residence registration. 
3. It's necessary to ensure that all the rental procedures complete, legitimate, and reliable.
Off-campus Housing  
Students can also live off campus. However, according to regulations they must register at their local police dispatch station. Here we remind everyone, when living off campus you must be sure that the source of information on your housing is reliable, and that rent procedures are completed according to law. You must also allow your landlord to bring your rent permit to the local police dispatch station to enter it into record, and yourself go to the dispatch station to apply for a temporary residence registration. In summary, you must ensure that all procedures for renting a residence are complete, legal, and reliable. 
Due to the fact that international students’ accommodation planning in Gulou campus is very tight, self-paying students upon arriving can first live in surrounding economical hotels which are convenient and equipped with necessary facilities.
Then students can look into renting an apartment near campus. They can find a decent apartment for around 2,500 RMB a month, and the farther away you live from campus, the cheaper it gets. Apartments can be found with the help of administrative staff, by word of mouth, or through street advertisements and other kinds of advertisements. 
Many students during their period of study change their address or method of contact, and in this situation students must remember to immediately inform the Student Service Office of their new address, phone number and e-mail address. This is so that the student services office can help students in updating their residence permit, and be able to inform students of important events in a timely manner. Only if we have accurate contact information can we maintain regular and unhindered communication, so that in the event you run across difficulties or problems, the student services office can help you without delay. The International Student Service Office will protect the privacy of your contact information.
Hotels recommended by former students:     
Jin’s Inn (address: 26 Yunnan Rd, Nanjing, Phone: 400-828-9966. 86-25-83755666)  
Huada Hotel (address: 33 Qingdao Rd, Nanjing, Phone: 86-25-80867592)  
Jasmin Youth Hostel (address: 7 Hequnxincun Rd, Nanjing, Phone: 86-25-83300517)  
Motel168 (address: 68-1 Shanghai Rd, Nanjing, Phone: 86-25-52827700)  
LeJia Hotel (address: 189 Shanghai Rd, in Huaxin Alley, Phone: 86-25-52827700)  
7 天南京珠江路地铁站店
    江苏省南京市玄武区珠江路同仁西街 7 号 (025)58858777
    7 Days Inn, Zhujiang Road Subway Station Branch
    No.7 Tongren West Street,Zhujiang Road,Xuanwu District,Nanjing, Jiangsu Province,China Tel:(025)58858777
    江苏省南京市鼓楼区广州路 5 号君临国际 5 号 A 幢 2206 室   (025)51863099
    City Inn and Apartotel
    Room 2206,Building A, No.5 Junling International Building,Guangzhou Road,Drum Tower District,Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province,China Tel:(025)51863099
南京 365 酒店公寓(珠江路君临国际店)
    江苏省南京市鼓楼区广州路 5 号君临国际 1 栋 18 楼 1806 室   (025)51862331
    Nanjing 365 Hotel(Zhujing Road Junlin Junling International Building Hotel)
    Room 1806,18th floor, Junling International Building 1, No.5 Guangzhou Road,Drum Tower District,Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province,China
    江苏省南京市鼓楼区中山路 251 号  (025)86812222 New Era Hotel
    No.251   Zhongshan   Road,   Gulou   District,   Nanjing,   Jiangsu   Province,   China Hotline:(025)86812222