Medical Services  

Nanjing University has a school hospital, divided into Gulou campus and Xianlin campus branches, providing medical treatment services for everyone. When you are not feeling well, you can go to one of these hospitals for advice and treatment. 
The hospital in Xianlin Campus is located in the north part of Dorm No. 5. The hospital in Gulou Campus is located in the eastern part of Hankou Road. (Please check it with campus map.)
You could take your campus card to pay for all the fee in both hospitals.
Phone number of hospital in Xianlin Campus: 86-25-89685120
Nearby Gulou campus of Nanjing University, there is Gulou Hospital. It is very good large-scale hospital and could offer excellent medical service. You may choose to go to Gulou hospital according to your needs.
The address of Gulou Hospital: No.321 Zhongshan Road, Gulou District, Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province, China. Tel: 86-25-83304616. 
There is Xianlin Hospital of Nanjing Gulou Hospital located in No. 188 Ling Shan North Road(灵山北路188号), Qixia District, Tel: 86-25-85358120.
 School Hospital in Xianlin 
Gulou Hospital 
Xianlin Hospital of Nanjing Gulou Hospital 
Nearby the Nanjing University Gulou campus are the Jiangsu Province People’s Hospital, Jiangsu Province Chinese Medicine Hospital, and Gulou Hospital. All are excellent major hospitals, and everyone may choose one according to their needs.
The Nanjing Emergency Center can be reached by telephone by dialing 120 or 110.
The following are addresses for several major hospitals in the city of Nanjing:
Jiangsu Province People’s Hospital, 300 Guangzhou Road, TEL:8371-8836
Jiangsu Province Chinese Medicine Hospital, 156 Hanzhong Road, TEL:8661-7141
Nanjing Oral Hospital, 30 Zhongyang Road, TEL:8771-3522
南京市鼓楼医院 (Nanjing Gulou Hospital)
江苏省南京市鼓楼区中山路 321 号 (025)83304616 Nanjing Drum Tower Hospital
No.321 Zhongshan Road,Gulou District,Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province,China Tel:(025)83304616
南京市儿童医院 (Nanjing Hospital for Children)
江苏省南京市鼓楼区广州路 72 号 (025)83117500 Nanjing Children’s Hospital
No. 72 Guangzhou Road,Drum Tower District,Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province,China Tel:  (025)83117500

南京大学医院 (Hospital of Nanjing University)
江苏省南京市鼓楼区汉口路 22 号 (025)83592526 Hospital of Nanjing University
No. 22 Hankou Road,Gulou District,Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province,China Tel:(025)83592526