Finishing Studies     


Graduation, Completion of Studies, and Degrees  


Undergraduates and graduate students, after completing all the courses stipulated by the education plan and completing all the required credits, completing a defense of their theses and obtaining required HSK level certificate, are permitted to graduate. They are then given a certificate of graduation, and conferred the appropriate Bachelor’s, Master’s, or Doctorate degree.


Graduates who have not completed their required credits within the stipulated time period will only be given a certificate of completion of studies. Graduate students who do not complete a defense of their theses will only be given a certificate of completion of studies.


Undergraduate and graduate students who leave school before completing their studies, have completed at lease one year of classes and who have completed the necessary procedures for leaving the school, will be given a certificate of study.


Advanced students who complete their research plan and who have passing grades will be given a certificate of advanced studies and a grade report. Students who do not take exams or who do not have passing grades will only receive a certificate of study.


All the students who finish their study in Nanjing University should fill in the Procedure Sheet of Leaving School. Please refer to Download Center of our website to download the sheets:  

Procedure for Leaving School-(International Graduates)  

Procedure for Leaving School-(International Undergraduates)