Extending Study Periods   


According to the inter-university exchange agreement, an exchange student’s course of study will usually be either one semester or one academic year. If the exchange student wishes to extend their course of study, the deadline for that application is before May 30th and November 30th of every year.  

The procedure of applying for an extension to your course of study:

1.The exchange student first applies to their home university’s international office.

2.The home university’s international office confirms with NJU’s international office.

3.The student obtains official approval from both universities.

4.International exchange students extend their courses of study at the Academic Affairs Office of Institute for International Students.

5.International exchange students go to the International Students’ Service Office to extend their visas, residence permits, etc. (For the details about extending visas and residence permits, please go to the pages of “Visas and Residence Permits”).

Exchange students who need to extend duration for one more semester at NJU, should report to Office of International Cooperation and Exchanges of NJU (Section of Student Exchange Programmes) for the Certificate of Approval before May 30th.

Room 822, North Admistrative  Building, Xianlin Campus  

After getting the Certificate of Approval, please go to the International Students’ Service Office of Insititute for International Students (IIS for short) for visa extension.

Please contact: Mr.ZHU, Tel: 86-25-83592473, Room 516, Zeng Xianzi Building, IIS, Gulou Campus