Nanjing is one of the best cities in China for safety, and studying at Nanjing University and living in Nanjing is quite safe. However, we suggest that you remain vigilant with regard to matters of safety.
Firstly, you must protect your passport and money, and should not usually carry your passport and money on your person. Valuable items should be kept in your room, with the door locked. Before leaving be sure to turn off the power and close the window.
When traveling, be sure to follow transportation regulations, and be aware of transportation safety.
If a problem should arise, you must immediately inform the police, and report to the student service office so that the staff can fully help you.
Emergency Contacts:  
 Robbery and Theft: 110
 Fire: 119
 Traffic Accident: 122
 Medical Emergency: 120 or 110
 Nanjing University Police: 8359-5110

 More contacts please refer to Emergency_Contacts_NJU.pdf

Laboratory Safety: 

Laboratory sefty is fundatmental for experimental teaching, scientific research and social service in colleges and universities. It is related to the life and health of teachers and students, and is an important part of building a safe campus. 





For more information please refer to the website of Laboratory and Equipment Management Office

IT Security: 


For more information please refer to the website of Information Techonoly Services Center

Fire Safty and Theft Prevention: 

NJU_Fire Safety and Emergency Preparedness Guide_NEW.pdf


For more information please refer to the website of Campus Police



Fore more information please refer to the website of University Hospital


Campus Police

Cem DOĞAN, Rachel Jet Rou Lee, Samuel Straka, Sara Driessen

Information Technology Services Center

Laboratory and Equipment Management Office

University Hospital

Sources of above attachemnts: Sources.pdf