Howto select undergraduate coursesonline?    


Atthe beginning of every semester, we could get the new list ofcourses after new students’ registration and enrollment. The newsyllabus of Chinese Language Courses and English-taught Courseswould be loaded on our website, please take a notice of itregularly. We would also inform you to check the new syllabus ofcourses by email.  

Afternew students’ registration and enrollment, our office would sendemail to inform you to select courses. Please wait for our emailannouncements.   


Theonline course registration system will be ready for use. You willthen be allowed to enter the system and select courses. 

Afull list of courses can be found in the system. You cannot registerfor courses until you are matriculated.  

Youcould select Chinese Language & Culture Courses, English-taughtCourses, Chinese-taught Courses in this system. 

Youcould get your CourseRegistration No. atthe beginning of the semester. We would inform you your CourseRegistration No. by emailafter your registration in NJU. 


TheLink of Course Selection:


ChineseLanguage Training Class

Courseload of each class is16-22 hours/week and class will open when 8 ormore students register it. To register the class, you should:

1.Takethe language test:

2.Screenshot your level and send to is the example screenshot.

Tochange or drop class:


1.Please login the platform with SingleSign-on Account

LoginID (用户名):StudentID   

Password(密码):Passwordyou set up for Single Sign-on Account (Original one: Passportnumber)   

Click 登录  tolog into the system. 


2.Click the button of  跨专业选课or 公共选课.Choose the department/school in the drop-down menu and you will seethe course catalogue from that department/school. Click the buttonof “select” to register the course. 

跨专业选课refersto registering major courses offered by differentschools/departments; 

公共选课refersto registering optional courses which are open to all the students. 




1.If you want to cancel the course you have selected, click the Deletebutton. 



2.For classrooms shown by Chinese characters, I= Xian I classrooms;仙II=  Xian II classrooms;逸A,B, C = Yi-Fu Building A, B, C 


3.Course registration and cancellation could only be done withinthe first two weeks of a new semester.  Afterthat, the system will be closed and no further operation could bedone in the system.  



Howto select graduate coursesonline?   


Forthe Graduate courses application, please download and print thepaper form in the following website:



1.Please submit the course selection form to the instructor of thiscourse. If the instructor agrees with your application, you couldattend the lecture.

Pleaselet the instructor to sign in the course selection form.

2.After the final examination, please let your instructor to fill yourscore into the course selection form.

Pleasesubmit the course selection form to us at the end of semester, afteryou got final score

SubmissionOffice: Section of Students Exchange Programmes, Office ofInternational Exchanges and Cooperation, Room 815 of NorthAdministrative Building, Xianlin Campus.








Coursesfor Exchange Students  


Pleasenote that most courses are now taught in Xianlin Campus.   

Ifa student is absent from class for more than 1/3 of the semester'stotal class days, they will not be awarded their certificate ofcompletion.  


ChineseLanguage Courses 


NanjingUniversity offers all students the opportunity to attend Chineselanguage courses. Courses of all levels (Elementary Level,Intermediate Level, and Advanced Level ) are offered. ChineseLanguage Courses aim to improve students’ Chinese language abilityand help them to overcome language barriers. Students are requiredto take a Chinese proficiency test before starting Chinese languageclasses. And then students will be divided into different classesaccording to their Chinese proficiency and their testscores. Studentswith no knowledge of Chinese language do not need to take the test.Simply please register directly for Elementary Levelcourses.  Studentswould be provided with a card of Chinese language class by Institutefor International Students. Please carry the card when you go tohave Chinese language courses. 


Ifyou have any questions about the Chinese language courses, please goto Room 520, Zeng Xianzi Building (Gulou) for help. Tel:86-25-83594613.




English-taughtCourses are offered by different departments/faculties of NanjingUniversity. It is also open to exchange students. The course listdiffers from each semester due to NJU academic plan, please refer toour website for newest updated information. 




Chinese-taughtcourses are also open to exchange students when they got permissionfrom professors. It is strongly recommended that the students with avery high level of Chinese language proficiency could attend thiskind of courses.


Notice: Thenew list of Courses for every semester could be loaded on thefollowing website, please take a notice of it regularly. 



Ifyou have any questions about the English-taught courses andChinese-taught courses, please come to Room 803 or 805, NorthAdministration Building (Xianlin) for help. 


Whereto have courses in Xianlin campus?  


InXianlin campus, Xian I classrooms and Xian II classrooms are locatedin the public teaching building, and Yi-Fu Building is located ininternational college.




Whereto have courses in Gulou campus?  

Classroomsin Gulou campus 

Teachingbuilding in Gulou campus is near to Hankou Road Gate. Institute forInternational Students also has the classrooms in ZENG XianziBuilding. Some of the other departments also have their ownclassrooms. Please take a notice of the syllabus to find the rightclassrooms for you. 






Noticeon when to select courses:   


Atthe beginning of every semester, we could get the new list ofcourses after new exchange students’ registration and enrollment.The new syllabus of Chinese Language Courses and English-taughtCourses would be loaded on the following websites, please take anotice of it regularly. We would also inform you to check the newsyllabus and schedule of courses by email.


Afternew exchange students’ registration and enrollment, our officewould send email to inform you to select courses. Please wait forour email announcements.


Descriptionof GPA Calculation

Forundergraduate course: description of GPA calculation.pdf

Forgraduate course: description of transcript-G.pdf