Students’ academic performance is assessed based on four different criteria: exams, assignments, attendance, and class participation. Each professor, however, may prefer a different performance policy, students should follow the professor’s guidelines in such cases. Generally, course performance is graded on the following 100-point scale:

Description of Transcript of Undergraduate Students & GPA Calculation:  
1.All courses are divided into two categories: compulsory courses and optional courses. Compulsory courses include general students’ courses and core courses.
2.Credits can be obtained when students’ test scores are above 60.
3.All compulsory courses are graded according to one-hundred-point system. Optional courses can use twp grading systems: one-hundred-point system or five-grade-scoring system. Five grades refer to excellent (A), good (B), average (C), pass (D) and fail (F).
4.The one-hundred-point scores are converted into grades as follows:













Credit and Transcript:  
(1)Exchange students can get formal NJU credits as long as they finish the required class attendance and pass exams. One credit equals to 16 hours of study. 
(2)Exchange students are expected to take at least 3 courses every semester. This is the minimun requirement you need to meet. We do not have a maximun requirement. 
(3)Credits can be obtained when students’ test scores are above 60.
(4)Our office would mail the transcript to the coordinator of your home university. 
Credit Transfer  
Students who wish to have NJU course credits transferred to other colleges and universities are advised to consult with the appropriate academic authorities at their home institution in advance, by showing our course syllabi posted online. Home institutions’ academic advisors make the final decision on whether a particular NJU course may be applied towards the major or elective requirements at the home institution.