Institute for Climate and Global Change Research
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The Institute for Climate and Global Change Research (ICGCR) of Nanjing University was approved to be established in July, 2009, with integrated advantages of multi-disciplines at Nanjing University and the urgent needs of China's socio-economical development. The institute is a university-level cross-disciplinary research body with scientists in atmospheric sciences, earth sciences, geographic sciences, environmental sciences, remote sensing sciences and biological sciences as well as economic and social sciences. It will be developed into a key entity in China to conduct research on key issues related to climate and global change. Meanwhile, through interdisciplinary collaboration as well as extensive cooperation with international and domestic top research institutions and organizations, ICGCR will also be developed into an international academic exchange center and a training base for innovative talents in the field of climate change in China.

Based on current distinguished features and advantages in the fields of monsoonal regional climate and environment research at Nanjing University, through field campaign, regional modeling and technology development, the scientific objectives of ICGCR are to understand the key processes of the change of the earth system (including the atmosphere, the hydrosphere, cryosphere, lithosphere and biosphere), and the effects of human activities, to uncover comprehensive disastrous, environmental and resource effects of the change in East Asian monsoon climate system, and to develop new theories, methodologies and technologies for disaster prediction, impact assessment, and human mitigation and adaptation related to climate change in China. These studies will definitely provide solid scientific support for the policy makings concerning the national/local government’s disaster prevention and reduction and in dealing with climate change, and eventually for the sustainable socio-economical development.
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