National Resource Center for Mutant Mice
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    National Resource Center for Mutant Mice (NRCMM), affiliated to Nanjing University, is currently the largest depository for mouse strains in China. It also provides the best transgenic and gene-targeting service in Asia.

    With 481 strains on stock, NRCMM has distributed more than 70,000 genetically engineered mice to both research institutes and commercial companies in the past five years. These mice includes disease models for cardiovascular diseases, tumor, metabolic diseases and immunodeficiency, as well as neurodegenerating diseases. NRCMM also provides services for importing/exporting mouse models. In the last two years, transgenic core of NRCMM has generated more than 70 transgenic strains and more than 130 knockout mouse strains for hundreds of laboratories in China. NRCMM also offered transgenic mice services for institutes and companies in USA, UK and Australia in the last two years.
    In October 2009, AAALAC International accreditation was renewed. Our quality control system of NRCMM is highly appreciated by our collaborative partners.
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