The MOE key Laboratory of Modern Acoustics
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Key Laboratory of Modern Acoustics in Nanjing University founded in 1954 has become a main acoustic college as a teaching and research base. It is the only laboratory that has undergraduates and the state acoustic key discipline. Currently it has a complete talent-training system from undergraduate to doctoral, post-doctoral at all levels of acoustic, covering the majority of basic and applied research on acoustic sound. The overall academic standards are among the best in the country, and it also enjoys a high academic reputation. As a key basic research acoustic laboratory and acoustic Talent Development base, our laboratory leads the development of world science and strengthens basic acoustic research. Meanwhile, the laboratory extends the scope of the practical application, meets the strategic needs of the country and makes a significant contribution to economy and society. There are five major research areas: 1) effects of ultrasound in medical life science applications; 2) New Materials Preparation and Characterization of ultrasound; 3) the physics of acoustic stealth technology and applications; 4) Audio and Video Information Processing technology; 5) complex structure characteristics of sound propagation. Close and fruitful international cooperation and exchange are the advantages of this laboratory: Ministry of Science and Technology cooperation on the EU commitment to special projects; participation in the Motorola's Global University Program, University of Western Australia's combination with successful applicants from National Natural Science Foundation of the "two bases" of overseas cooperation projects; joint application of University of Leuven, Belgium Ministry of Science and the scientific and technological cooperation projects in the Government of Belgium.
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