The MOE Key Laboratory of Mesoscopic Chemistry
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The key laboratory of mesoscopic chemistry of MOE was founded in 2003 on the basis of the state key discipline of physical chemistry. The laboratory advocates interdisciplinary cooperation, and mainly concentrates on experimental and theoretical study on the design, controllable construction and functionality of mesoscopic system. There are 35 researchers in the lab including three academicians of Chinese Academy of Science, two Cheung Kong Scholar professors, five gainers of NSFC funding for outstanding young scientists, and five young scientists affiliated to the new century’s excellent talent project of MOE, as well as an Innovative Research Team in University of MOE.

In the past few years, some first-class findings with worldwide influence have been achieved, which deal with the studies on mesoscopic systems concerning the quantum chemistry method, the growth mechanism, controllable synthesis and assembly as well as the functionalization and application especially for catalysis. Most of these achievements have been accomplished in connection with the performance of the national key projects related to energy, environment and life science, which were fulfilled in the lab. The lab has gradually formed its own character of persistence on fundamental understanding, openness to multiple viewpoints and disciplines, tight coupling of theory and experiment, the application-oriented motivation and the discovery of new phenomena.
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