The MOE Key Laboratory of Coast and Island Development
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The Key Laboratory of Coast and Island Development, Ministry of Education of China, are educationally and academically strong in the area of coast and continental margins, mainly focusing on the following fields: marine geomorphology and sedimentology, coastal zone ecology and environmental changes, the land-sea interaction, marine geographic information system and coastal zone disasters and management.

The key lab is equipped with advanced field survey devices, such as GPS navigation system, acoustic sonar & seismic profilers, wave & current maters, core penetrators and samplers, sediment analysis system, dating system and marine GIS system. Current study areas are mainly along coastal zones and inner shelf. Researches focus on coastal environment-resource issues, evolution history of the radial sandy ridge field, coastal plain in the South Yellow Sea, site selection of deep water harbors, coastal environmental impact assessment of Bohai Sea and the Digital South China Sea. The lab has close academic relationship with universities from Canada, U.K. and U.S. in the area of marine sciences.
Prof. Huayu LU
Mr. Chendong GE
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