State Key Laboratory for Mineral Deposits Research
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The State Key Laboratory for Mineral Deposits Research is affiliated to the Department of Earth Sciences, Nanjing University. This laboratory started its construction in 1991. In October 1995, this laboratory was approved by the Ministry of Science and Technology of China. Academician Prof. Wang DZ, Prof. Zhu JC, and Prof. Ma DS are former directors of the laboratory. The present director is Prof. Jiang Shao-Yong, and the present chairman of the Scientific Committee of the laboratory is Academician Prof. Chang Yang-Fu. The laboratory has now 59 permanent staffs, among whom there are one Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, seven laureates of the National Science Foundation for Outstanding Young Scientists and five laureates of the Changjiang Scholarship Professors.

The research objective of the laboratory is to understand the mechanism of mineralization, as well as to employ ore-forming theory to guide mineral exploration. The researches carried out in the laboratory are mainly focused on the following three aspects: 1) study of distribution of mineral deposits, ore geneses and mineral exploration, in particular for those metal resources that are urgently needed or are most abundant in China. Currently our research emphases are on geo-fluids and the large-scale mineralization and formation of giant ore deposits. 2) basic geological study related to mineralization. Current research emphases are on the crust-mantle evolution and petrogenesis of granite and volcanic rocks, in particular in south China and its surrounding areas. 3) basic geochemical study related to mineralization, with emphasis on the elemental and isotopic behaviours during geological events and global environmental changes in the Earth history.
The laboratory is equipped with a large variety of state-of-art analytical instruments capable of making composition and structure analysis on all kinds of geological samples, in particular trace and rare earth element analysis, stable and radiogenic isotope analysis, fluid inclusion study, and high-pressure, high-temperature experimental work.
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