State Key Laboratory of Pharmaceutical Biotechnology
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The State Key Laboratory of Pharmaceutical Biotechnology affiliated to Nanjing University was approved by the State Planning Committee and the State Education Committee in 1990. With the financial loan of 1.15 million US dollars from World Bank, the lab was established in 1990 and passed the authentication in 1995. In 2001 and 2006, the lab successfully passed again the regular authentication sponsored by the State Education Committee.

Currently, this lab has formed a stable and talented research group. Among 53 fulltime research fellows, 27 are professors. This lab focuses on the fundamental and application studies in cardiovascular diseases, immunological diseases and metabolic diseases. Based on the research platforms of drug source molecule, bioinformatics, animal model of human diseases, the lab want to uncover the pathogenesis mechanisms of major diseases, to identify the new drug targets and to develop novel, original, high quality drugs with independent intellectual properties. Since 1995, the lab has entailed 14 Major national “973” scientific research programs, four national scientific climbing plan programs, 17 “863” national scientific research programs, six National Science Fund for Distinguished Youth Scholar programs, one excellent scientific innovation group program,136 national science foundation programs and 124 horizontal cooperation programs. Until now, 1343 research papers were published including 983 “SCI” papers, 28 treatises were published, 73 patents were issued including two American patents. The lab also received three National Scientific Awards (second class), one National Science and Technology Award (first class) and one National Scientific Award (first class).
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