State Key Laboratory of Solid State Microstructures
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As one of the major labs approved and funded by the National Planning Commission of China in 1984, it was established and ratified in 1987. State Key Laboratory of Solid State Microstructures is divided into four divisions: observation of microstructures, spectroscopy and physical properties fabrication, tile study of new materials and condensed matter theory. They are composed of 17 research groups.

The lab covers researches on distribution, interaction, fabrication and transformation of microstruetures at different levels. Special attention is paid to the relationship between the microstructures and the physical properties. With the help of the experimental methods of state-of-art, various kinds of microstructured materials are designed and fabricated. The physical process and effects therein are investigated. New functional materials with expected microstructures and performance are designed and developed via various modern techniques.
The mission of the lab is to develop experimental techniques and methods of fabrication, observation and measurement of the microstructured materials, to study physics of defects and phase transition, and to establish theoretical methods and computing techniques of solid state microstructures. By revealing the links between microstructures of the materials and physical properties, it is expected to control the solid state microstructures , which can be used in their applications. At present the materials under investigation in NLSSMS include solid thin films, muhilayered films, nanosized and cluster materials, dielectric superlattice and semiconductor superlattiee, high Tc superconductors, liquid crystals, polymers, and colloids, etc.
The lab is always classed among the highest rank in every assessment of the State key labs undertaken by government agencies. It was mentioned by the world-famous scientific journal "Nature" as an institution in Asia(outside Japan) with research standard approaching world-class [ Nature, 389 (1997) 113 ].
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