Eco-materials and Renewable Energy Research
Time:2015-08-07 01:11 Source:未知 Author:chenxiaoqing  Click: 2139

Research Content:

◆ We study the effects of micro- and nano-structure of photocatalysts on photocatalytic properties and plasmonic photocatalyst.
◆ We will study the photocatalytic reduction of CO2 using solar energy, and search for a new method to obtain renewable energy.
◆ On the basis of photocatalysis, we will study novel solar cell with nano- and micro-structure, and the application of the noble-metal and semiconductor composite materials on fuel cell.
Principal Investigator:
Prof. Zhigang ZOU
Major Members:
Jinhua YE,
Tao YU,
Ying WANG,
Yong ZHOU,
Zhaosheng LI,
Jianguo LIU,
Zhentao YU,