Theoretical Studies on the Condensed Matter and Interdisciplinary Physics
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Research Content:

1. Strongly Correlated Systems and Unconventional Superconductivity
Charge and spin dynamics, the competition and coexistence of ordered phases in strongly correlated electron systems; the physical properties and superconducting mechanism in unconventional supercon-ductors.
2. Restricted Quantum System and Low-dimensional Physics
Our recent interests focus on charging and spin transport properties in mesoscopic and normal/super-conductor hybrid systems by using Keldysh Green’s function technique. The basic questions we ask are: how to predict electric current flowing through a nano-device connected to the outside world by metal-lic electrodes? How does the interaction between electrons affect the current-voltage characteristic of a mesoscopic system? How to use the electron spin degree of freedom to design new quantum devices? These problems are directly relevant to the future microelectronics technology.
3. Interdisciplinary Physics related to condensed physics
The physical properties and mechanisms of protein folding, association and aggregation processes. The physical interactions between protein systems and various ingredients (such as ion, RNA and so on).
Large-scale simulations of protein kinetics. Simplification and Physical Modeling of protein systems.
The tempo-spatial patterns and their physical mechanisms of neuronal networks The physical mecha-nisms for the Selectivity and Robustness of signal transduction in biological regulatory networks.
Phase transitions and dynamics in complex fluids such as colloid and polymers, lateral organization in protein-membrane complexes, and nonequilibrium self-organization in living soft matter such as cellu-lar cytoskeleton and self-propelled particles.
Principal Investigator:
Prof. Jianxin LI
Major Members:
Changde GONG,
Dingyu XING,
Qianghua WANG,
Baigeng WANG,
Yuqiang MA,