Controllable Construction and Func-tionalization of Some Specific Mes-oscopic Systems: Experimental and Theoretical Studies
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Research Content:

Mesoscopy is the bridge connecting microscopy with macroscopy, which is a new field in today’s chemical research beyond the molecular frontier. This innovative research team, affiliated to the Key
Laboratory of Mesoscopic Chemistry of MOE, concentrates on the experimental and theoretical study on the growth mechanism, controllable construction and functionalization of some selected important mesoscopic systems in three aspects. 1) Quantum chemistry methods and molecular dynamics, as well as the structure-property correlations for mesoscopic systems. 2) Growth mechanism, compositional and structural regulation of typical nanotubes (e.g., carbon-based, oxide and amorphous alloy nanotubes) and one-dimensional group-III nitrides, as well as the controllable assembly of two-dimensional bionic membranes. 3) Energy-, environment- and bionic sensor-oriented functionalization.
In the past few years, some first-class results with worldwide influence have been achieved and most of which have been accomplished in connection with the performance of the related national key projects. The research team have gradually formed its own character in persistence on fundamental understand-ing, the openness to multiple viewpoints and disciplines, the tight coupling of theory and experiment, the application-oriented motivation and the discovery of new phenomena.
Principal Investigator:
Prof. Zheng HU
Major Members:
Shuhua LI,
Xiqun JIANG,
Daiqie XIE,
Jing MA,
Jianhua ZHU,
Yining FAN,
Weiping DING,
Xuezhong DU,
Danke XU,