Acoustics and Signal Processing in Complicate Medium
Time:2015-08-07 02:00 Source:未知 Author:chenxiaoqing  Click: 1976

Research Content:

◆ Bioeffects induced by ultrasound and its application in bio-medical fields: ultrasound propagation and bioeffects in tissues, nonlinear acoustic imaging techniques, modern ultrasonic diagnostic and therapeutic techniques, design of new devices and instruments, and investigation on new prospectives.
◆ New material fabrication and characterization with ultrasound: mechanisms of photoacoustical, photothermal and thermoacoustical effects; new methods and technologies, as well as applications in engineering and non-destructive evaluation; characterization of the macro/micro-structures.
◆ Physical mechanisms and applications of acoustic and electromagnetic cloaking techniques: physical mechanisms of invisibility to acoustic and electromagnetic waves, and applications in cloaking metamaterial fabrication; implementation of selective transmission or absorption of acoustic waves by designing various structures of materials; developing periodic layered structure.
◆ Audio/video information processing technologies: acoustic properties of radiation, transmission, reception, and perception within the audible frequency range; mechanisms of the interaction between acoustic waves and surrounding materials; novel phenomena induced by the interaction between audible acoustic waves and other materials; new acoustic signal processing methods, audio acoustic devices and acoustic test equipment.
◆ Propagation of acoustics in complicate medium: propagation properties of acoustic wave in complicate medium and the information extraction technologies; theoretical models of composite ultrasonic transducers with periodic structure.
Principal Investigator:
Prof. Jianchun CHENG
Major Members:
Xiaojun QIU,
Xiaojun LIU,
Weizhong CHEN,
Xinlong WANG,
Xiaozhou LIU,