Studies on the Microstructured Materials and Opto-electronic Devices
Time:2015-08-07 02:02 Source:未知 Author:chenxiaoqing  Click: 1879

Research Content:

The mission of this project is to develop novel optoelectronic devices through the artificially micro-structured materials. We will design and process the artificial microstructures of the multi-domains, hetero-structures, alternative crystal orientations, and multi-phases in crystals, which modulate spatially in 2D or 3D with physical properties of the piezoelectric, nonlinear optic, elastic, dielectric, and electro-optic coefficients etc. We will explore novel optoelectronic effects that the single crystals and uniform materials don’t have. Among these microstructured materials, we focus on the optical superlattice QPM material with the nonlinear optic coefficient modulated, photonic crystals with the dielectric coefficient modulated, and sonic crystals with elastic coefficient modulated, etc.
With the progress of nanotechnology, many abnormal effects have been revealed by artificially structured materials, exemplified by semiconductors quantum well superlattices, superconductor Josephson junctions, and metal superlattice giant magneto-resistance, etc., which helps to manipulate the properties by artificial structure at nanometer and micrometers order. We develop the theory to model and design the desired photo-electronic effects with special microstructures, a technology to prepare designed structure and method to test the performances of these prepared micro-structured materials. With these innovations, we search for the materials and devices to use photon to perform the information receiving, processing, transferring and displaying through the manipulation of photon’s amplitude, phase, frequency, polarization and entanglement.
Principal Investigator:
Prof. Yanfeng CHEN
Major Members:
Yongyuan ZHU,
Shining ZHU,
Zhenlin WANG,
Weiyi ZHANG,
Yanqing LU,
Naiben MIN,