Study on New Optical Effect in Artificial Micro/Nano Structures
Time:2015-08-07 02:03 Source:未知 Author:chenxiaoqing  Click: 1881

Research Content:

This project aims to study the interaction between the light and the electron, exciton and other elementary excitations in micro/nano structures, to manipulate the photonic excitation and propagations beyond the diffraction limit, to explore the optical excitation, propagation and related coherence effect, and study of the new optical effects on quantum confined structures, as well as to provide a road map and foundations for implementation of all-optical and electro-optical hybrid functional material and micro/nano devices.


Principal Investigator:
Prof. Shining ZHU
Major Members:
Zhenlin WANG,
Ruwen PENG,
Xiaoyong WANG,
Ping XU,
Hui LIU,
Tao LI,