Drug Candidates & Their New Mode of Action
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Research Content:

The efficient discovery of novel bioactive natural products is one of the cores in medicinal chemistry and biology. The aim of our group is to find novel drug candidates and their new mechanism based on the intercross of natural product chemistry, biochemistry, pharmacology and immunology. To achieve this goal, a new methodology has been applied to find out bioactive drug candidates in both microbes and plants harboring in special environment. We are also very interested in the discovery of immunosuppressants with good selectivity based on the molecular mechanism in immune response, and in the development of a new methodology on new immuno-regulation. Since 2003, our group have published 231 papers (half of which were published in top or core journals in relevant fields), which have been cited 757 times by others. We have got one international, one National Science, three provincial or ministry, and two international meeting awards.

Principal Investigator:
Prof. Renxiang TAN
Major Members:
Renxiang TAN, rxtan@nju.edu.cn
Qiang XU, qiangxu@nju.edu.cn
Zichun HUA, zchua@nju.edu.cn
Pingping SHEN, ppshen@nju.edu.cn