Research on Software Methodology and Technology for Internet
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Research Content:

The pervasiveness of the Internet makes the environment faced by software systems much more open and more dynamic than before, which raises great challenges of flexible and trustable sharing, integration and coordination of various resources in such an environment. As a step towards and an answer to the challenge, this research is aimed at a new paradigm of Internet software systems, named “Software Web” or “Internetware”, which is featured by autonomy, reactiveness, flexibility, and evolvability of both the constituents and the resulting systems. Related theories, models, methods and techniques of the Software Web will be investigated by integrating results from different areas such as software agents, artificial intelligence, formal methods and networking. Our main efforts will be put in the fundamental structures and mechanisms of software agents, working architectures for the Software Web, machine learning and self-adaptation techniques, and corresponding software frameworks and middleware platforms.
Principal Investigator:
Prof. Jian LV
Major Members:
Zhihua ZHOU,
Xuandong LI,
Guihai CHEN,
Zhengxing SUN,
Fangmin SONG,
Daoxu CHEN,
Feng SU,
Sanglu LU,
Qingkai ZENG,
Jianhua ZHAO,
Xianping TAO,
Yang GAO,
Xiaoxing MA,
Wanchun DOU,