Study on New Analytical Theory and Methods for Life Chemistry
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Research Content:

This group will focus its research on the key scientific problems in life science study by developing new analytical methods, technologies and equipments. The research work contains three fields: bioanalytical chemistry; assembly, characterization and biosensing of bionic interfaces; and microfluidic bioanalytical systems and pharmaceutical analysis. Through cooperation among the members of the creative research group and the use of the advantages of cross-disciplinarity, this project aims at developing novel analytical methods and technology for in situ and real time detections of life-related species and revealing some important internal chemical process and signal transduction mechanisms in life activities, which will promote the development of life science research and diagnostic technology of diseases. Meanwhile, these works will further deliver the results with knowledge property right in new theory, new methods and new technologies in analytical chemistry for life science, enhance the international influence of the creative research group, and establish an excellent research group in life analytical chemistry top-ranking in China and even in the world.
Principal Investigator:
Prof. Huangxian JU
Major Members:
Hongyuan CHEN,
Xinghua XIA,
Junjie ZHU,
Jianxin LI,
Jianwei ZHAO,
Junsheng YU,
Jingjuan XU,
Jianrong ZHANG,
Xiaodong YU,
Jianping LEI,
Liping JIANG,
Hongzhen LIAN,
Zhen LIU,
Danke XU,