New Type Low Dimension Quantum Structure and Devices
Time:2015-08-07 02:16 Source:未知 Author:chenxiaoqing  Click: 1939

Research Content:

We will insist on the combination of material, devices and physics,the combination between theory and experiments, development of the research in the three directions of semiconductor heterostructure and devices, nanostructure and nanoelectronics, and novel quantum structures and devices, centering the topic of new low dimension quantum structure and devices. We will discuss and investigate the common science questions, especially construct the entire knowledge, and try our best to make breakthrough in the important science questions. We expect that we would obtain important success in key areas including the semiconductor lighting engineering materials and devices, Si nanostructure and devices, spin transportation and new devices etc..
Keywords: low dimension quantum structures; semiconductor heterstructures; nanoelectronics;quantum transportation.
Principal Investigator:
Prof. Rong ZHANG
Major Members:
Jian CHEN,
Xinglong WU,
Jun XU,
Shulin GU,
Bogen WANG,
Ping HAN,
Youdou ZHENG,
Kunji CHEN,