Nitride Monolithic White LEDs with Wide Spectrum
Time:2015-08-07 03:26 Source:未知 Author:chenxiaoqing  Click: 1849

Research Subject:

Nitride semiconductor; White LED
Principal Investigator:
Prof. Peng CHEN
Research Content & Progress:
   The objective of this project is to develop novel nitride monolithic LEDs for white light with wide spec-trum.
   The LEDs fabricated by this project do not include any color-convert material. A wide spectrum from 400 nm to 900 nm has been obtained from the monothic LED. The CRI is 85.4, the chromatic coordi-nates is near (0.27, 0.31). The color temperature is 7194~11298K. The LEDs work at 20mA@3.5V, its leakage current is less than 1.0 A. This project produced 3 Chinese patent applications and 4 SCI papers.