Key Problems and Important Applica-tions of Nonlinear Science
Time:2015-08-07 03:31 Source:未知 Author:chenxiaoqing  Click: 1834

Research Subject:

Nonlinear science; Key problems; Important applications; Soliton; Chaos; Pattern; Complexity
Principal Investigator:
Prof. Wei WANG
Research Content & Progress:
Nonlinear science involves studies on common and universal characteristics of nonlinear systems in various fields of sciences, and also on key applications of concepts and methods of nonlinear theory in the fields of science, technology and engineering. Our researches focus on some key problems in the nonlinear science: 1) to establish nonlinear models and observation systems for some catastrophic phe-nomena, to develop theories of soliton and multi-scale spatio-temporal coupling, and to provide theoret-ical insights on the mechanisms and prediction of catastrophes such as typhoon, tsunami, and damages of solid materials, 2) to study the stability of orbits, complexity, and controllability of high- and infinite-dimensional dynamic systems with important applications, to try to solve the Arnold diffusion problem; to study spatio-temporal chaotic self-organization, regulatory mechanisms and practical applications of chaos, 3) to study evolution and regulatory methods for spiral wave in reaction-diffusion systems and jet patterns in plasma systems, to set up theoretical understanding for controllable nuclear fusions, and to explore the application of controlling of spiral-wave in therapies of some cardiac diseases, 4) to extract and measure biological information in genome sequences, to build up network-based dynamic models for biological signal transduction and processing, and to realize a quantitative characterization for bioin-formatics and functions and dynamics of biological systems. Our researches progress well and most of our proposed works have been finished. Over 300 papers have been published.