Investigations on the Quantum Effects, Quantum Manipulation and Their Ap-plications in Solid-State Microstruc-tures
Time:2015-08-07 03:33 Source:未知 Author:chenxiaoqing  Click: 1839
Research Subject:
Quantum manipulation
Principal Investigator:
Prof. Dingyu XING
Research Content & Progress:
We have extended the concept of superlattice to the dielectrics and systematically studied the propaga-tion and excitation of electromagnetic and acoustic waves in quasiperiodic and two-dimensional dielec-tric superlattices as well as the coupling effects. We have extended the concept of the Andreev reflection in the superconducting hybrid-structures and proposed the same-spin-band Andreev reflection caused by the spin-flip effects, which can induce the spin-triplet pairing in the superconductors. We have realized the controllable coherent modulation of the three solid-state qubits and prepared the important entangled state, W state. We have proposed and realized a new approach of the multi-qubit manipulation by using the Landau-Zener tunneling effects.