National Key Disciplines
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Discipline: Business Administration

Research Areas: Enterprise Strategy and Organizational Structure, Corporate HR Management, Business Decision-Making, and Corporate Financial Management

Chief Professor: Shuming ZHAO



Discipline: Classical Chinese Literature

Research Areas: Study of Ancient Documents,Poetics, Literary Studies of Ci Poetry Documents in Qing Dynasty, Extraterrestrial Chinese Literature, Literature of Ming and Qing Dynasities, Study of Ci and Fu Poetry

Chief Professor: Lifeng MO



Discipline: Modern and Contemporary Chinese Literature

Research Areas: Modern and Contemporary Chinese Fiction, Main Trends in Modern Chinese Literature, Main Schools of Modern Chinese Literature, Studies of Enlightenment of Modern Chinese Culture and Literature, Studies on Taiwan Literature, Hong Kong Literature and Overseas Chinese Literature

Chief Professor: Fan DING



Discipline: Chinese Philology

Research Areas: Phonological Exegesis, Classical Chinese Grammar, A History of Chinese Linguistics, Grammar and Rhetoric of Modern Chinese, Chinese Phonetics, History of the Chinese Language, Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language

Chief Professor: Guoyao LU



Discipline: Literary Theory

Research Areas: Introduction of Literary Theory, Western Aesthetics and Cultural Studies, Ancient Chinese Literary Theory

Chief Professor: Xianzhang ZHAO



Discipline: English Language and Literature

Research Areas: American Literature and Culture, English Literature, English Linguistics and Applied Linguistics, Translation Studies and Lexicography

Chief Professor: Shouren WANG



Discipline: Marxist Philosophy

Research Areas: Marxism and Contemporary Capitalism

Chief Professor: Yibin ZHANG



Discipline: World History

Research Areas: British History, History of the British Empire, Modernization of the Commonwealth, Peace Studies, EU Studies, American Studies, Modernization of Developed Countries

Chief Professor: Xiaolv CHEN



Discipline: Political Economics

Research Areas: Capitalism and Socialist Economic System, China's Economic Development and Industrial Policy, Socialist Monetary Theory and Policy, Theory of Socialist Economic Growth, China's Open Economy and Financial Reform

Chief Professor: Yinxing HONG



Discipline: Sociology

Research Areas: Chinese Sociology, Anthropology, Population Studies, Studies of Social Work

Chief Professor: Xiaohong ZHOU



Discipline: Information Science

Research Areas: Intelligence Studies, Information Industry, Market Information Management, Automated Information Retrieval, Knowledge Managment, Resource Service and User Studies, Information Management System, Information Management System, Information Development and Utilization, Economic Information Management, Multimedia Information Processing and Retrieval,Internet Security and Application

Chief Professor: Xinning SUN