Preparatory National Key Disciplines
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Discipline: World Economics

Research Areas: American Economy and Trade between China and Western Countries, Industrial Clusters, Spatial Economics, International Economics, Service-Intensive Trade, Economic Openness in China

Chief Professor: Houjun LIU



Discipline: Modern and Contemporary Chinese History

Research Areas: 1)History of late Ming 2)History of the Republic of China 3)Modern China 4)Modern Taiwan 5)Social History of Modern and Contemporary China 6)Economic History of Modern and Contemporary China 7)Cultural History of Modern and Contemporary Chinese Thinking 8)History of Foreign Relations of Modern and Contemporary China 9)Chinese Modernization 10)Studies of Nanjing Massacre

Chief Professor: Zhiqing CUI



Discipline: Economic Law

Research Areas: Economic Law, Legal Market Regulatory System, Macro-Control Legal System and Social Distribution, Local Economic Legislation

Chief Professor: Guangfeng TAO