Jiangsu Provincial Key Disciplines
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Discipline: Religious Studies

Research Areas: Buddhism, Taoism, Judaism, Western Religions, Folk Religions, Atheism, Religious Art

Chief Professor: Xiaoyue XU

Email: xuxuy@nju.edu.cn


Discipline: Accounting

Research Areas: Financial Management and Accounting, cultivating top professionals in auditing, accounting and financial management for corporations, accounting firms, administrative offices, etc

Chief Professor: Xiongsheng YANG

Email: yangxiongsheng60@126.com


Discipline: Political Studies

Research Areas: Political Science, Public Administration, International Politics, Chinese and Foreign Political System, History of CPC

Chief Professor: Yongtao ZHANG

Email: ytzhang@nju.edu.cn


Discipline: Management Science and Engineering

Research Areas: Interactive Management, Evolution of Complex Economic Systems, Management of Logistics and Supply Chain, Financial Engineering and Management, Revenue Management, Management Consulting

Chief Professor: Zhaohan SHENG

Email: zhsheng@nju.edu.cn


Discipline: French Language and Literature

Research Areas: Translation Theories, French Literature and Culture Studies, French Linguistics and Semiotics

Chief Professor: Jun XU

Email: xujun@nju.edu.cn


Discipline: Drama and Opera Studies

Research Areas: Classical Chinese Drama, Modern Chinese Drama, Western Theater, Discourse Studies

Chief Professor: Jian DONG

Email: dongjian@nju.edu.cn